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Anyone staying at Bay Lake Tower this month or next?

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If anyone is staying at Bay Lake Tower over the next couple of months, I have a favor to ask. I would like a close-up shot of some artwork that's over the bed in the master bedroom. You can see it in the upper right:




I want to make one of Mickey that's similar, but with colors to match my living room. I'd really appreciate a close-up so I can see more of the detail. I wish I'd thought of it when I was taking a tour there last July. Thanks!

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Have you tried searching "images" on google, yahoo or the search engine of your choice? Maybe, photobucket or flickr, too. icon_thumbsup.gif


Found this on flickr.


WDW : BLT : Two Bedroom (2009 0731) 02 Master Bedroom

click on original size

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Thank you! That's perfect. I didn't do a Google search, because I was unsure what search terms to use. I guess I could have tried "Bay Lake Tower" to start. :)


Your welcome, kbmum. Glad I could help.

I kinda like doing research like that.

And like KVanHilton said, we'd love to see them. icon_thumbsup.gif

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