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Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village

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This past trip was our first visit to Kidani Village. It's a beautiful resort with great theming in the common areas and the rooms. The rooms are almost the same as the DVC ones in Jambo House, but larger. There's also a second bathroom in the one-bedroom units, which was much appreciated. :)


There were signs that the resort is new. We had to put up with fire alarm testing for three of the 11 days we were there, plus there was a fourth day of testing on the day we left (we were gone before it began). Even though we knew what was going to happen, it was startling to hear the great volume of the alarm plus see the strobe lights go off every few seconds on the smoke detectors. My son has developmental issues, so this was difficult for him. He either had to hide his head under a pillow or sit out on the balcony listening to his iPod. We also had problems with housekeeping not keeping to the established schedule for cleaning the room and providing trash & towel service.


Our room was on the right hand side of the horn-shaped building, right next to Jambo House. Kidani shares Sunset Savannah with Jambo.


On to the pictures! :)


Front of Kidani Village






Sanaa, the only restaurant in Kidani. Can you spot the hidden Mickey?



View from the balcony, right



View from the balcony, left (the building is Jambo House)



Even the balcony is themed!



The thatched roof belongs to a grand villa. It has the two-story window and five balconies.



Same view at night



Night view of the right side of Kidani



I was on the balcony on July 4 at 10 p.m. and was very surprised that I could see the fireworks show at Hollywood Studios. The building below it is Jambo House.



Epcot was also running its Fourth of July show, which is on the left.



This is the fog we had at 7 a.m. on July 5, about five hours after the monorail accident. There were reports of fog in some areas.



A couple of days later, we got off a park bus and saw this storm approaching.



And here it is!


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Only after I got home did I realize that I hadn't taken any pictures of the pool. icon_rolleyes.gif I did get some of the water play area. It wasn't easy to take shots without children in them, but I tried my best.


The fort with water cannons



The fort and water cannons on the ground. The cannons move a bit, but the people in the fort can only aim at the people on the ground who are manning the cannons, and the people with the cannons on the ground can only aim at the fort.



A wading pool and red buckets that tip over when they fill up with water. The bucket on the far right is tipping over.



The snakes have motion sensors and spit water when people walk by.



Water spouts out from all angles.



The flowers in the background also have motion sensors like the snakes.



Playground area with another wading pool.


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Time for some animals. :)


Zebra and nyalas



Giraffe and ostriches



Zebras, nyalas, and wildebeests having dinner on the savannah. The fenced area in the background is where the animals are taken early in the morning to eat and get checked out by the veterinary staff.






Giraffe and roan antelopes. The two antelopes on the right were rather, shall we say, amorous all week. I looked outside one time and got an eyeful! icon_eek.gif No, I didn't get a picture of that! I was happy that the kids were in the room at the time.



These roan antelopes were having some sort of fight or contest to establish dominance. I believe they're both female, and it's a female that leads the herd (I asked the animal guides a lot of questions!). The pictures are a bit blurry when enlarged, but I thought the sequence of four pictures was interesting, especially since they do this with their front legs bent at what I assume are their knees. The clacking noise that was made when the antlers hit was pretty loud and distinctive.










One morning, my kids were on the balcony when they heard a loud crack. One of the trees suddenly broke and part of it fell over. Many animals came to investigate and eventually eat the tender leaves from the top of the tree. This picture shows a family or herd of five giraffes (they went everywhere together) and an eland enjoying a meal. A couple of animal workers took a look at the tree and must have determined it presented no danger, since it was still this way the day we left. You can see their truck on the right through the leaves.



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Wow, great fireworks views! Kadani is our "Home" Resort and I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get to go in May. I made my reservations there, but now we have to find the cash! LoL...

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Wow, great shots Kbmum! I'm going to be eating at Sanaa next month, I'll have to sure to check out Kidani Village while I'm there.


On our first day, before our groceries were delivered, we ended up having room service for lunch because we were just too tired to venture over to Mara in Jambo House. The room service menu appeared to be mostly the same as the Sanaa menu. We had short ribs and Indian-style bread service. The food was delicious! icon_smile.gif You'll definitely enjoy eating at Sanaa.

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Great Pics!! Kidani is one of our home resorts and while we have stayed at Jambo house twice, it is good to know what the rooms at Kidani are like. The fireworks views are amazing!! Perfect video recording spot!!


We saw the roan antelopes on the savannah facing Kidani on June 23rd getting frisky in the wooded watering hole....they were really active!! LOL!


Hope you have more pics!

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I do have more pics! I get so much enjoyment from the cams, but since I don't have the equipment to stream, at least I can contribute to the site this way. :)


Another view of the front of KV



Living room










Master bedroom





Master bath. The Lion King mural extends across the wall from the jacuzzi to the shower.





I'll have more to post a little bit later. :)

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There were a lot of African artwork and artifacts on display throughout the resort.












These shields were on all of the room doors, in a variety of colors and carvings. They were specifically produced for Kidani by artisans in Africa.


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