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I guess with the skyliner this was inevitable

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I think this is totally unreasonable!  So people with a fear of heights get punished.  The more the skyliner breaks down (it did again over the Christmas/New Year break) the less people are going to want to ride it.  I do think it's something i'll try...unless it keeps breaking down but that's just not fair to those who love these resorts and stay at these resorts all the time.  AND to just come out with this on the day it takes effect!  SHAME ON YOU DISNEY!  what about the people already staying there or have trips booked at these resorts!  They should have had the option to change resorts and not just be  told this when they are already there or very close to a trip!   There you go again Disney...pissing paying customers off again.:angry:

ok off my soap box...

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