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Universal/Harry Potter

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My oldest son, his wife, son and son's girlfriend are coming to our house for the holidays! They want to go to Universal to see Harry Potter. Which park? Both parks? Any hints?  I know it will be insanely busy but this is the only time they can get away from work and school. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

New Harmony

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Both parks! Maybe book a hotel room at Universal so you can get a head of the line pass?

When we went there was only 1 park, Islands of Adventures but Escape from Gringots is in the Universal park. 

I think tiggerpiglet has been there since the 2nd park opened. Hope she will chime in!

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I would go to both parks to see the Harry Potter stuff, it is definitely worth it and take Hogwarts express to go between parks.  I really liked the Gringots ride.  Forbidden Journey is fun too, but I have not felt so great a few times after riding it.  There is the new Hagrid coaster that is suppose to be really good too.  Staying on property does get you FOTL, but not for Harry Potter.  Staying on property will get you into the Harry Potter lands an hour earlier though, so keep that in mind, no FOTL for HP.

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