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I'm Back

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Hey all I'm back in action . 

I'm heading to Disneyland at the end of the month ( Oct27th-Nov1st) for OogieBoogieBash and just submitted a request to stream .  I'm doing 4 days at DL and 2 days at SanD Zoo and Safari park if interested in that .

I'm working with a GoPro Hero5black using Live 4 and Restream , so it will stream live to YouTube and Facebook and still hold recordings on my GoPro from the looks of things. 

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So did about 5hrs total at Hershey ended up with 26 GoPro videos that are downloading . Maybe 4 or 5 live streams and see some of them cut footage as well but that is to be expected.

I went through 3 total - 1 partial GoPro batteries , but by the time I went through the 3rd the other 2 were already fully charged using a 3 battery charge box off the samsung booster . Thinking with 5 total I should be good for a full day of streaming. 

The interesting thing is my Phone with just moderate text, email and bit of Fb along with the running Live4 for the streams was only down to 77% when I put it on the charger in the car.  That is amazing but I think it has a lot to do with the screen being off and it being in my pocket during the live with the GoPro taking the brunt of screen on time. 

It looks like both FB and YouTube retailed at 480P and that might be as I never had more then 2Mbps upload with most of the day around 1Mbps   Even my normal great download speeds were bad up there at about 34-56 when I pull in the 300s while at home.  They offer WiFi like Disney does but I don't think I can use that as the GoPro uses it for it's connection. I saw something about using Bluetooth with the GoPro but I think that is the newer models.

Just some thought as today was really just testing for 22 day away . If anyone has any feedback please do as I still have time to play around with things.


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