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Streamlabs Trip experience...

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I thought I'd toss out a few notes about using the Streamlabs App on my recent trip.  I did only a resort stream, no park streaming.

Unfortunately, after a day or so, I switched to the CamOn Live app.  Streamlabs did preform well overall after tuning back some settings.  I settled on 720p, 24fps, 2500kbps bit rate.  Max fps it could sustain was around 14 much of the time.  I would chalk this up to WiFi congestion at the resort and it did seem to get better as folks came and went. During the day, for example, when more folks were at the parks, it seemed to do better.  This a from a very passive observation! 

I switch to the CamOn app due to Streamlabs having issues focusing (through a window, especially at night) and showing a frequent and regular fuzziness.  I might attribute this to the phone I was using, a Motorola Droid Turbo.  Motorola phones have, occasionally, had issues with apps and how their cameras operate.  I think this may be the issue with Streamlabs. The phone is also an older one now which may also contribute.  I have an even older Motorola that Streamlabs immediately crashes on.  Newer phones with newer OS levels may fair better I suppose.

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