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Just tested on EoE 5

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If it doesn't show up, not sure what I did wrong.  It said it was live and on EoE5.  Am I suppose to save it somehow, last time I just ended them and they saved.

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I'm at a loss.  I tested to my ipad and it shows up on the EoE5 page, but you can't play it.  It also says live when I'm not live anymore.  I tried my phone yet again and I still cannot get it to show up on here even though it says I am logged in and streaming live on EoE 5, ugh! I did the same exact thing for my phone and ipad, don't know what is going on.  My phone is an android though,  maybe apple is more compatible with streamlabs???  I also did the bitrates or whatever they are that Osh posted.  Don't know what is going on and the tests are still showing as live that I did on my ipad and my phone streams are no where to be found.


** I also dropped my ipad so if anyone is ever able to watch it you will see it's not totally clear.  I'm not going to be able to get another one by the time I leave on Thursday, so I'm just going to use it to resort stream.

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