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EoE Trivia

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Thursdays 8:00p-9:00p EST


See all you Disney Buffs there and if you arent a buff yet; you will be when we get through with you! :D




New Trivia Rules ...


1 night a week... gives you a week to forget the answers :P


If you get a question right you need to sit out the next one unless you are more than 5pts behind the leader.


If you have a 3pt lead you need to sit out 2 questions after a correct answer.


If you have a 4pt lead you need to sit out 3 questions after a correct answer.


If you have a 5pt lead you need to sit until someone gets closer than 5pts ;)


If you fail to follow these new rules you will first have 1 winning pt deducted - if you do it a second time you will lose 3pts, a third time and you lose 5pts. A fourth time and you will be DQd from that weeks contest.


This will hopefully give everyone a shot at winning our weekly trivia - maybe in time we will take each weeks winner and put them in a drawing for a prize at the end of the month. ;)


Also, the game will let late answers count - from now on they wont - if you get it after the question is over I will deduct it :)

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