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Disney Trivia August 2018

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We just had our first monthly trivia event on youtube!

We had 7 players - love to get that up to 10, 15, 20 next month and by the end of the year be up to 50.  (dream on plays by aerosmith)

William Pacelli (Billpatrain)
Chris p (DrawntoMickey)
Ryknow (ryknow)
Eileen (schoolbelle)
Charlie (wihumphrey)
Darlene (newharmony)
Ohio Valley Diggers (Kywildwolf76)

Thanks to everyone who joined in the game!   Hope everyone enjoyed it!   We had a 3 way tie William, Darlene, and Ryknow all had 4 correct answers - everyone was a winner! 

I am going to put the names in a random draw for a prize and notify you soon!

What do you think of the format?    Will you play again next month?  Let me know what you think!

If you didn't join in check out the game on http://www.youtube.com/eyesonears to see what it was like and make plans to play in next months game!





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Ohio Valley Diggers (Kywildwolf76)

Your name was selected as winner of last weeks Trivia!   Send me your shirt size and address via PM and I will get an EyesOnEars T-shirt sent out to you!

Thanks for playing!


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We had just 5 players this week and Rynow out-typed everyone!


You ALL know your Disney Resorts!    How well do you know your Disney Restaurants?


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