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EoE Trip Calendar

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Cameron-Bot can add you to the "Chat" countdown calendar if you want to be listed there - just type !addtrip yourname month day resort name


Example: !addtrip Waternoose March 22 Port Orleans


You can then type !trip Waternoose and it will show you how much time remains until your trip.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask - thanks!


If you are looking to get your stream added to the site calendar you can fill out a stream request here => http://www.eyesonears.com/media/stream-request

Edited by Waternoose
removed outdated information.

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lol how far out can you go though? out trip is in... 611 days. lol !

I think 365 is limit for chat calendar since the command does not use year. Edited by Fizbain

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