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Whispering Canyon Cafe

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On 8/25/2018 at 4:12 PM, Fizbain said:

yes! The food was never THAT good to stand alone with out the fun

OH but that grilled cheese sandwich i had there during EOESSS one year!  IT WAS SO GOOD.  That was the year Mini and PaPa Thomas joined us and I believe I shared part of my sandwich with you Fiz!  Sadly that sandwich is no longer on the menu.  :(

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2 hours ago, Kywildwolf76 said:

we ended up not going there during our last trip with the kids because we heard they took away the sill stuff, so I was wondering if they still do or not.

We were there in August and it was fun . Our waitress went all out. We saw ketchup get transferred to at least 4-5 different tables while we were there. My son ended up in jail and my daughter had what seems like a gallon of lemonade to drink. 

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