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2018 Donation Drive

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Can you believe it is March already? WOW time sure does fly! I have been asked to get a 2018 donation drive thread up so that is what this is.

As you all know EyesOnEars relies on donations to meet operating cost.  We do not profit from the streaming ads and we run no advertisements on our site anywhere.  As we have historically proclaimed,  this site does not exist to profit and never will seek to profit.   EyesOnEars is about SHARING magic and thanks to your support that directive is made easier.

Last year the community covered 100% of those cost including the cost of our forum upgrade – we are extremely grateful to all that donated!  Without your support this site simply would not exist.     With that in mind if you are able to do so please consider making a donation to our 2018 operational cost and review our listing of previous proud supporters.


Support Eyes On Ears

Proud Supporters

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20 hours ago, Albinotrout said:

ok So how much is needed to make it the rest of the way?

The progress can be seen at the bottom of the donation page http://www.eyesonears.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=clients&section=donations

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Thanks to everyone who has donated and especially to those who have donated multiple times this year and in past years. 

I received a message asking how EOE did budgets and why they weren't for 2019 instead of 2018 so thought I would give a quick run down of how they have worked to date.

Firstly donations help pay web hosting, software, website prizes for Trivia and POTM contest (which we started back up late this year so were not in the 2018 budget) ; and in the past when we have had excess I have sent gifts to the annual meet and greet better known as EOESSS. 

EOE does not seek to make any profit all we need is enough to keep those essential expenses paid.  So the budgets have always been for the current year, with bills paid as we go.  If/when the donation pot has no money in it the expenses come out of my pocket.

If I buy Ts for prizes in bulk I anticipate the 2019 goal will be 1500.

Again - thanks to everyone who helps support EOE through financial donations, live streaming, posting on the website, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc it really takes a community to keep something like this going and we sure have a GR8 one!   

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