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Can you believe it is March already? WOW time sure does fly! I have been asked to get a 2018 donation drive thread up so that is what this is.

As you all know EyesOnEars relies on donations to meet operating cost.  We do not profit from the streaming ads and we run no advertisements on our site anywhere.  As we have historically proclaimed,  this site does not exist to profit and never will seek to profit.   EyesOnEars is about SHARING magic and thanks to your support that directive is made easier.

Last year the community covered 100% of those cost including the cost of our forum upgrade – we are extremely grateful to all that donated!  Without your support this site simply would not exist.     With that in mind if you are able to do so please consider making a donation to our 2018 operational cost and review our listing of previous proud supporters.


Support Eyes On Ears

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