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Epcot's Festival of the Arts

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I just returned from a wonderful trip to Disney and I have a new favorite "Festival"...the Festival of the Arts runs for about 6 weeks in Epcot from the middle of January through the end of February.  It is amazing in so many ways.  There are interactive activities, arts of every kind...performance arts, visual arts....a lot to do and see!!  Similar to the Food & Wine and Flower & Garden, you pick up a booklet (passport) which tells you everything going on.  There is the "Arts Walk", in each country there is an artist pallet with a rubbing (crayons provided at each station), you find the appropriate countries page in the booklet, rub over the tile with a crayon and a picture appears.  We also did the Figment art scavenger hunt and got a festival pin as a prize (you can pick one of 4).  The mural wall invited everyone to get a small tub of paint and a sponge brush and contribute to a huge mural, you receive a postcard with the finished picture on it.  There is a sidewalk chalk section as well.

Artists are performing on the Festival stage....acrobats, painting to music, bands and orchestras...some really great acts!!  One of those was Trevor Carlton, a Disney artist, painted "Animal" from Muppets, while music played.  He was amazing!  I actually bought a Mickey and Minnie print of his and had him sign.  I also purchased a print of Don "Ducky" Williams (he was there and signed it), another Disney artist called "New Arrival".  Dumbo and baby...which will hang in my new granddaughters nursery <3

Also, the Broadway Series of concerts!

So if you have the opportunity be sure to check it out, you will not be disappointed!!



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1 hour ago, Fizbain said:

Is it still full of food kiosks? 

There are some (maybe 20), but not nearly as many as F&G or F&W.  It's actually kind of nice :) That being said, it is only the 2nd year for the festival.  It went from having 50-60 artists last year to 90+ this year.  So I am sure it will grow in the future.  There were no kiosks on the paths from East/West to WS.

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