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Fort Wilderness reservations

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We have been trying to add a day to our Dec 4-9 reservation at Fort Wilderness, with no luck. On a FB page I follow, "I love camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness", several people have mentioned a TA named Nancy Spann of Spann the World Travel. I PMd her to see if she would have any luck getting us another day for December. She called me one evening and had the extra day, but it was for a new ressie in a premium loop and not a preferred loop (which we prefer).  OH decided to keep the ressie we had but in talking to Nancy I discovered that she is a FW specialist. She LIVED there for 5 years! She does a lot of group ressies for FW, and said when someone from a group cancels, she then has that site to rebook. There seem to be lots of comments on that FB page about her and her success in getting people booked.

Just a little heads up for anyone looking for a FW ressie.


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