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What is your go to counter service ?

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AK - Besides great cupcakes at Creature Comforts (which i consider a meal option) Flame tree has been the go to, but in the last couple years the Harambe Market has some yummy options.


MK - I'd say Pecos Bills, love the fixins bar


Epcot - Sunshine Seasons in Future World, but World Showcase has too many - I can't pick just one!


DHS - Since Starring Rolls (insert crying face) is gone, I'd say Fairfax Faire (Chicken Caesar).


Anyone have a review on Min and Bills?

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I decided they were our go to when we got their mac&cheese and this sandwich which was a roll with part of the end cut off and sausage , pepper and onion stuffed inside


That would be great if the Studios FINALLY had at least one decent QS. Over the years it seemed they weren't even trying. I have usually planned my visits there to avoid having lunch.

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MK - Columbia Harbor house

AK - Flame Tree

EPCOT - Yorkshire County Fish in Uk

HS - was Staring Rolls but it's no more (hey you can eat a cupcake for lunch when on vacation!) I don't really like any other in HS

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ahhh Tortugas.... I think the last time I actually got to eat there was in 1999 when it wasn't called Tortugas and that was on my honeymoon. Not sure why that place is NEVER open. I had a good taco salad there once :)

Go to's for us usually are:

Epcot:  Yorkshire County Fish Shop , Sunshine Seasons, Lotus Blossum Cafe

MK: Columbia Harbour House, Pecos Bills

AK: Usually it's Restaurantosaurus - I have to admit this is one park that I have not explored counter service options on very much

MGM (cause yes, it's always gonna be MGM to me): was Pizza Planet, haven't been to PizzeRizzo yet 

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On 3/29/2017 at 11:10 AM, Fizbain said:

I can not remember the last time I was in Pinocchio's Village Haus

I ate there in Jan 16 with my sister, we got a prime seat at the window to watch Small World (I think i streamed it while we sat). That was the first time in a while. 

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