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SSS 2016 best (and worst) stuff...randomly ofcourse

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So being somewhat an outsider to SSS 2016, I thought I'd do a quick bullet point faves post. Don't ask me why, I just feel like it:)



Best Restaurant: There was a lot of eating going on but my favorite restaurant, by far, was Chez Harmony, located near the quiet pool at Beach Club Villas. Great food and company.


Best Moment: The Fiz and Miz 10th Anniversary re-wedding overseen by Rabbi Reed. I'm still not sure if those 2 know what happened......very cool.


Best Stage Show: "Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular" at the MNSSHP. Usually, I'm not to keen on the WDW live stage Castle shows but this was a happy exception. Very well done.


Best Night-time show relating to fireworks: The Star Wars fireworks at the Studios is quite frankly, impressive, and a must-see. But Illuminations is still inspiring to me. I favor inspiring.


Most Embarrassing Moment: Fat man running.........enough said.


Best Frozen Treat: Staying with the theme, the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery on the Boardwalk was my clear winner. Go there if you can. Never found the elusive vegan muffin.


Best Dessert: The pie at Chez Harmony was to die for.


Best New Experience: Animal Kingdom Park at night is a truly different experience. Subdued lighting made it seem like a lovely night-time walk in the woods. Does anyone even notice the lamps at AK during the day?



That's what I've got for now. If any more come to me...................

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This is a great idea!! Please provide any and all feedback! SSS is really meant to be a group/site effort.



We moved from the dessert party because of length of time (not enough time to talk with friends) and additional costs

We tried Ohana 1) because some had not eaten there 2) thought we would all be at same table (no luck) 3) thought we could get to fireworks. Turned out the fireworks were the vow renewal Wi listed above.


Sometimes smaller is better and sometimes larger is better. But please, toss em out there!


For me, The group at YeaHa Bob turns into such a party!!


I will work up a list shortly

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Next year we should all book ADRs for Beaches and Cream for the same time and take the place over :P


Then waddle over to Epcot for Illuminations :D


Next head over to Jelly Rolls to close the place :blink:


Yes, and there still needs to be a night with Yehaa Bob Jackson!! :)

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So I've been told that I really didn't mention any "worst" stuff in my initial post. I won't say who mentioned that but it rhymes with SchoolBelle. Here goes:


Worst moment: Coming back to Boardwalk from a late night at AK and finding our room flooded because the doofus next door left water running.


Next worst moment: Having to pack up and change rooms at 1:30am. Which led to........


Best Disney recovery moment: We were upgraded to a Boardwalk view 1 bedroom and given a 1 night credit on our bill. We didn't ask for either.


Best CM: Her name was Grace. Her job is a "runner" at Boardwalk. Grace searched all over the resort to find an umbrella we had lost in the room transition (remember it was 1:30am). She couldn't find it but brought us 2 umbrellas from the gift shop to replace it. Amazing, Grace.


BTW, didn't somebody else say they would produce their own list? I won't name names but his name rhymes with fizz (and it's not miz). Anyone else?

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Ok I’ll play along…


Best Restaurant – Ohana – although I felt like I was sitting on the ground and could not reach ANYTHING it was the best of the trip for me with the Pizza in Via Napoli a very close second.


Best Moment – Yehaa Bob – that was awesome…a must do next trip and I have to say my favorite part was watching Wi run up and down the bar. What a great sport you are!


Best Stage show – Lion King – I don’t think this will ever change, favorite every trip


Best Night-time show – that would have to be the new Star Wars Fireworks for me too, what a great show and I got to see it from Pop on our last night right at the end of our building!


Most Embarrassing moment – hmmm not sure…I don’t remember anything embarrassing but someone might trigger my memory!


Best Frozen Treat – the Strawberry Slushie from the F&W booth in France. Just perfect on a hot day!


Best Dessert – I loved the bread pudding at Ohana!


Best New Experience – that’s a tie between Yehaa Bob and AK at night. Riding EE at night was AWESOME and thanks to all our DVC friends for including us non DVC peeps! That was so much fun!


Best CM was (flounder Help me with his name) the bus driver that changed his route to take us to AK because we were waiting so long for the AK bus to get to Boma. Which I guess brings us to the worst moment….


Worst Moment – getting off the wrong bust stop at AK and being late for Boma. DOH!


Thanks to everyone for making such a memorable trip! I had a blast!

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Ok, here is mine:


Best Restaurant- Hollywood Brown Derby, as group, I would say Trail's End for food selection for breakfast! :-)


Best Moment- Watching Fiz and Miz renew their Vows!


Best Stage Show- Always Festival of the Lion King- someone messaged me on FB and stopped my stream right at the end. Learned I need to turn off the little pop up bubbles.


Best Night time Show- Star Wars Galactic Spectacular


Most Embarrassing Moment---When we were all having a hard time figuring out how to stand for Hitch Hiking Ghosts Picture..and it was funny!


Best Frozen Treat- I didn't actually have any....ooops ;-)


Best Dessert- Red Wine Chocolate Truffle from the Chocolate and Wine Booth for Food and Wine


Best New Experience- Lunch with an Imagineer at Brown Derby for our 21st Wedding Anniversary


Best Cast Member- I don't remember her name but the lady that authorized us to get our AP glasses on our last day even though we could not visit Food and Wine for three days- we made it for two separate.


Worst moment- Leaving.


We had a wonderful time, were very busy and this was the first trip in years that we have spent most of the day out of our room. Meeting new friends face to face, so many laughs! That guy on the TTA!

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