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Here we go again

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While we will all agree that the actions of that cleaning person are disgusting, I have to think it was an isolated incident. Reporting it was the correct thing to do.


The person claims he did not receive responses that satisfied him, so he took his complaint higher in the company. What would have satisfied him? I know of no company that will disclose what actions they have taken against any individual employee. After the complaint was made (and acknowledged), I don't see that the complainant had a right to any other information. I suspect he saw an opportunity for some "publicity"


It is, however, a reminder that a visitor to a place as busy as WDW (or anyplace for that matter), should treat most surfaces as questionable and act accordingly. WDW is a "germy" place.. even if they had the best housekeepers on the planet.

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I agree with you NE - not many if any companys are going to tell you how they discipline employees and they are in no way obligated to do so. What is really sickening is this cleaning lady doing this has likely been doing the same thing for a long time - pretty gross - where are her superiors and why havent they noticed it yet? Clearly this guy seen it happening and then fired up his camera ...


I think I would have been very happy to have my stay comped and let them handle it how they see fit - can not expect to demand more than that.


As for CMs - we had a member have a jacket or some other goods stolen this past year from their room didn't we?

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As an IT consultant I am the recipient of companies "out-sourcing" to us, but our company is VERY picky about who we hire and the results we present to the customer but there are plenty of times I have have come in to fix what other consulting firms have done previously. Frequently I am shocked at the level of incompetence displayed by the work they did for the client.


According to the article this was not an actual cast member but rather an employee of a third-party vendor. One of the keys to Disney's success has always been maintaining tight control of all parts of operations, but here we see what happens when you begin outsourcing parts of your operation. It would appear that Disney is being bit by trying to save money on Mousekeeping.


I read the article and felt the same way at NE and 'Noose in that this guy seemed to be unsatisfiable. Not sure how he could believe that he would expect to be informed of the actions taken with regard to this incident when he isn't in an official capacity that would warrant that information. He did what was right and notified the person responsible and let them deal with the situation. In return Disney took care of him so I am really not sure what more he wanted or could reasonably expect to receive.


Very disappointing that this happened in the first place and shocking that anyone would think this was the right thing to do in the first place.

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