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EoE is all a "Twitter"

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Some good news. EoE now has an updated Twitter page. Posts made on the EoE Facebook by assigned editors will now automatically be posted on Twitter.

Not only could this help us reach more members and viewers, but it provides another option for getting EoE news, updates, stream notifications, etc.



If you were currently following EyesOnEars, there is nothing to do. If you would like to follow EoE on Twitter, simply search for EoE on your Twitter page and request to "follow". As soon as your request has been accepted, you will start seeing the EoE posts.


Thanks to Noose for getting this set up..... and thanks to all who give of their time and resources to make this a great and fun site.



Edited by NEmickeyfan

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Yes FB has been for quite some time - never really used twitter - think it was last updated back in 2012 - HAH! For some reason NE wanted us to take flight again so that we have... :) I validated 120+ follows - I am guessing many of those were over the last 3 years DOH. Still not sure how popular the platform is, I know I don't use it but if others do - great - and best of all its automatic - yah Miranda - its AUTOMATIC! ;)

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