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2014 Offers

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Sorry if I got anybody excited with the title, but I'm here to bemoan the lack of offers for the UK market.


Over the past decade or so we have been pretty fortunate when it came to our bookings, enjoying free quick service and regular dining plans, $ gift cards and discounts on park passes, and this has meant that we could apply some of the savings to longer stays or better resorts.

This year however the incentives to book have been sparse to non-existent.

I'm not sure why, maybe its due to an upturn in the economy and that has to be good, right?

But I'm hoping that something comes along soon.

Free dining was always my favourite, making an expensive trip affordable - especially when my children can zone in on the most expensive thing on the menu at 50 paces.

I'd hate to have to look at economising at Disney.


How are things in the US?

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That really stinks. I know you guys from across the pond would get great offers, certainly better than us. The offers here have not been as good as they used to be. I would usually always get a pin code offer with a great discount, but have not received one in 2 years. Have you tried www.mousesavers.com ? I'm not sure if they have offers for the UK though, but you still might be able to use their 30% discount codes for certain times of year.

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Well the fairy godmother must have been reading this post because she just waved her magic wand and emailed some pretty sweet offers from the UK Disney site.

Nothing to speak of for this year, but we will be visiting with the mouse for certain next summer.


Free QS breakfasts at value (with the exception of The Art of Animation Resort), Free QS at Moderates or the regular Dining Plan for Deluxe or Villas.

Plus a $200 gift card with bookings at Moderate, Deluxe or Villas.


Small print - available January 1 - March 24 and April 12 - November 30 2015 with a minimum 5 night hotel and ticket package.

Book by 10 July 2014.


They are even throwing in 14 days tickets for the price of 7.


I've done the maths and it looks like it will be Old Key West again for us, all I have to do now is figure out how long I can stretch it to. B)

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