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Found 6 results

  1. Will Bob Chapek announce a new fleet of monorails this summer at D23 Expo? I hope he does. They are in disrepair in my opinion. Constant breakdowns, doors falling off, and the interiors are atrocious. They are focusing on building Disney Skyliner, but how about they give some love to their flagship transportation system. Come on Disney!
  2. on October 31st the show would take place, of course when 5 people stepped into a elevator and were never seen again. First: hotel guests/stars would be gawking and entering the hotel.There would be 1930s/1940s vehicles dropping of people and driving around the hotel and up and down Sunset Blvd. There would also be citizens on the streets of Sunset Blvd. too. We would see officers directing traffic, and photographers and a news reporter reporting on what is going on at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. It would be a grand occasion for the hotel. Next: All the guests/stars are now in the hotel.All the vehicles are now put away and the all the citizens are off the street. Then a projection of people enjoying the Tip Top club accompanied by "sing, sing, sing" By Benny Goodman with dancing too. Then we see a projection of those 5 guests get into the elevator and start to go up.Then lightning strikes the hotel and the elevator falls to never be seen again. Then a projection of a creepy bell hop would appear with cockroaches or some other critter projection. Last: dense fog would appear and those guests who went into the hotel are now ghosts would invite you to ride the attraction. They would have maybe a flashlight to their face too. Those guests are also walking around Sunset Blvd. We would see a creepy protection also to accompany the ghosts. INSPIRATION: opening of Walt Disney Studios Tower of Terror at Disneyland Resort Paris Source material: I would make it more grand than the opening of Disneyland Paris' Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  3. What’s the shortest trip that who have ever taken? Since the question is stay, not visit, the minimum is one over night. One sleep.
  4. Hey all!, I've been a little busy around here with the new puppy and all, but we are heading down to Disney this Thursday, trying to beat the snow. This will be our first stay in one of the Poly DVC rooms. It will be interesting. I have heard so many different opinions about them and I for one would have rather wished they just built a new building rather than taking away existing Longhouses from the resort. I already see how difficult it is to get a Mk view room/non-club level since the only Longhouse left for that is Tuvalu, and that was our favorite Longhouse to be in ( when paying OOP). I can not see us getting that again in the near future. But anyhow, I hope to have up several webcams, we have a water view room booked, but i'm not sure what the view will be like. I'll fight for a third floor, but no promises. Catch you all on the streams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark "MrHub"
  5. Hello all, Figured I would just start a little trip report here. My wife, who goes by Scrappy on our other forum, just completed our Mousekeeping envelopes and I thought you might like to see them. We usually always make these up for Mousekeeping. It's fun and really gets the staff going some times. This will be our longest stay ever at WDW. We are actually meeting friends from another site who are from Canada and are pretty much our dopple gangers. We get along great and have all the same tastes about stuff. It's actually crazy sometimes how similar we are. They stayed at the Poly for the first time in April of this years and loved it so much, rebooked for the same time that we were going to be there in September. This is Scrappy & Me. This will be the first time we are ever actually here on my wife's birthday & on our anniversary, 36 years this year. This is our friends Ken & Jan. Awesome people and we are very glad to call them our friends. Ken is a pretty awesome amateur photographer. I'll post more later!
  6. Hello all, Mrhub here from the world! Well sorry about the webcams not being up but the network is down more than it is up here at Bay Lake Towers. I am really disappointed be cause it was so strong last trip here. It is hot, hot, HOT! Having a few melt downs here and there with the the grandkids, but we get through it. Definitely not like our usual trips, just me and the wife. I'll try to upload some picks, but it's a little difficult from my iPad and using LTE. Also photobucket is having a fit with me too! Mrhub