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Found 1 result

  1. It's 2015. It's Cold. The sugar plums have stopped dancing and it's time to dream about EOESSS2015!! YES! With January comes the now annual pestering for people to join together for the Eyes On Ears Summer Stream Symposium (brought to you by sponsor as yet to be announced) Miz and I will be going to WDW Sep 6-19 this year and I hear rumor some other EOEians may be arriving around the same time. With that I am hoping to try and plan some EOE activities the week of Sep 7-13/14 depending on attendance. As always SSS is about EOEians getting together and enjoying WDW together and each other's company. So if everyone is better able to get together in August, then PLEASE! don't wait on me. I will be far from offended and will encourage you to do so!! So assuming we decide to have SSS Sep 6-14 we had some new ideas. We are thinking of having a night at Port Orleans to see Yehaa Bob Jackson instead of bowling. We are also considering Ohana instead of Beirgarten. Of course there will be the 3rd annual SSS Regatta. We are considering Wishes Dessert party and Hoop de do review. So who's in? Will anyone be in WDW that week? We will need commitments by March 1st as the booking window for Ohana and the Wishes dessert party opens at that time.