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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, Well its Monday, Jan 23 2:28 and we just got back to our room from Hollywood Studios. Wasn't in here 5 minutes and I get a knock at the door. It was a cast member stating she needs to do a visual inspection of the room. My wife gets to the room right behind her and we told the CM to come in and do what she needed to do. She asked if everything with the room was okay and if we had any problems. She gave several good looks at our table which I had all our charging wires and Monster power multi-plug surge protector. She did not notice my webcam from what I could see and did not say anything about the stuff on the table, but I do think the cleaners may have said something to someone because I notice after this CM left that the cleaners had come and emptied the trash and someone had opened the balcony door, because I have a mono pod pole i the track to keep the sliding door securely closed and it had been moved. I did have my extra cell phone streaming on another channel but I haven't reviewed all the video yet to see If I can see anyone yet. We will see what happens here.
  2. For as long as we have been going to Disney, there are still several things we've never done. Here's my three thing we haven't done, but want to. What's yours? 1. Eat at 'Ohana for dinner 2. Stay at Grand Floridian 3. Ride Kali River Rapids