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  1. 2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    For those who may be interested, this is our FP and dining schedule for 9/7 - 9/10...the EOE Stream Team will be in full swing! Thursday 9/7 – Epcot;MK SSE – 2:05-3:05 Soarin – 3:25-4:25 Nemo – 4:25-5:25 Via Napoli @ 5:00 MNSSHP @ 7:00 Friday 9/8 – Beaches & Cream 11:10 Frozen Arr 1-1:15; Show 1:30 Muppets 2:25-3:25 TSMM 3:25-4:25 Paradiso 37 @ 5:30; Boat to POR Yeehaa Bob @ 8:30 - Full show will be streamed!!! Saturday 9/9 MK POTC – 11-12 7DMT – 12-1 PPan – 1:15-2:15 2:00 Tomorrowland Terrace Meet and Greet 7:00 Le Cellier HEA or Illuminations after Dinner Sunday 9/10 AK 9:30 Trails End Brunch Everest – 1-2 Pandora FOP – 1:15-2:15 FOTLK – Arr 3-3:45, Show 4:00 4:40 Tusker House (ROL Dining Pkg) Rivers of Light
  2. August to Sept EoE members at WDW

    Great chart Belle! I leave on the 15th....really doesn't matter, I won't be in the parks that day with a noon flight
  3. Happy Birthday kopitedor!

    Happy Birthday Kobetedor! Hope you had a great celebration!
  4. Happy Birthday Ryknow!

    Happy Birthday Ry! Hope you have a magical celebration!!
  5. Happy Birthday MrsOsh

    Happy Happy Birthday, to you!!
  6. Forum upgraded

    Some new emoji options to react to a post!! Love them!!
  7. Florida rain...

    Yes, Fiz...I believe you're right!
  8. Florida rain...

    Oh no! There have been quite a few victims of Disney rain storms (cams) in our crowd!
  9. Florida rain...

    Two rain stories stand out for me.... One was a few years back when Fiz/Miz/Jim and I got stuck at Yacht Club during a deluge. So we sat on the couches, put our feet up and watched the rain and guests running thru it for well over an hour! The second was one everyone remembers, I'm sure.....meeting the EOE gang for dinner at Biergarten the sky opened up just as we arrived in Germany and we got stuck in the covered area just outside the restrooms....everyone was soaked! Osh/Mrs Osh were stuck at the Boardwalk hotel with huge puddles on the balconys....A rainstorm to remember!!
  10. Forum upgraded

    Thanks noose! I noticed when I logged on this morning little differences...color/font/size....looks great though. Poking around see some new areas to explore, maybe new or maybe i just didn't notice before. Either way...Thanks again!!
  11. Happy Birthday mwalter59

    Happy Birthday, mwalter59! Hope you had a great celebration!
  12. Happy Birthday newharmony!

    Happy Day of Birth to one of my favorite streamers and a wonderful friend! May you enjoy a fabulous celebration and a magical year ahead!
  13. Happy Birthday wdwnut!!!

    Happy Birthday Nut!! Hope its a great one!!
  14. Happy Birthday DVCJen!

    Happy Birthday Jen!! Hope your birthday trip was everything and more! We are grateful for all the wonderful streams in the park and on the road...many thanks!!
  15. EoESSS 2017 planning

    So, a little fun for our SSS people...those going throughout the summer/fall...think about it and let us know when you return..... Best Dining Experience (food) – Favorite Dining Experience (fun/atmosphere) – Least Favorite Dining (food) – Favorite Ride Experience – Funniest moment(s) – Most disappointed in: Biggest surprise/unexpected: What did you want to do that you didn’t get to? Talk about Pandora, ROL, HEA, the new stuff…thoughts/impressions….