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  1. POP has been undergoing a hard goods refurbish and being as that is my "go to" resort I have been anxiously awaiting the pictures. Well, I have 2 and I like what they have done. The carpet is gone (YAY) there is a queen bed and a double Murphy bed, the tv is up on the wall and a long counter-top houses 6 drawers and a desk area. And best of all a coffee maker (Keurig)!! Hoping they will keep the theme going through their pictures and bed throws. I give it a two thumbs up!!
  2. Happy Happy Birthday...a little bit belated....weatherwatcher!! I hope you had a magical celebration!!
  3. After watching many scopes of Pandora, I am intrigued by the Banshee you can purchase to bring home for $50.00. They come in different colors, are very cute and apparently are like a puppet....a steep price for a souvenir but I have spent more and am intrigued with these. Thoughts? Would you spend $50 on a banshee to bring home? I can't wait to see Pandora, and how these Banshee's work.
  4. Can't wait to see this, the "dress rehearsal" scopes were without music and amazing. Can't imagine what it will be like in person.
  5. I agree, just hang onto them and take a spontaneous trip by 2019!
  6. That sounds right, TP. Once the ticket is scanned for entry, it expires at the end of that day. Any unscanned tickets will remain valid until 2019. However if you link them on DME to your name and then don't use it, if you want to give it to someone else you have to reassign it in the app I believe.
  7. Happy Happy Birthday Roz!! Wishing you a magical celebration and a great year ahead! ºOº
  8. Thanks everyone! It was a magical day for sure <3
  9. One of the advantages to POP Century for me has been the dedicated busses. I never seem to wait very long...as a matter of fact I only remember one time I thought it was excessive...leaving the resort for a park and we go directly to the park. I have waited quite a while at park closing which is crazy because the busses should be stacked up knowing its park closing, but we go directly to the resort when others have either multiple resort stops, or multiple stops within a resort. To me park hopping is part of the fun of it, I'm not sure I'd like doing only one park each day any more.
  10. A bit late Kelley but I hope you had a wonderful celebration and send wishes for a great year ahead!!
  11. Driver-less shuttles, gondolas....taking the human element out of the experience all together.
  12. Ohh we pay for it...we pay plenty, just not separately!!
  13. I don't think it is Disney auctioning them off. Disney donates one day tickets to certain non profits for fundraising and I think that is the case here. The price of a one day park hopper at peak season is $174.00 (x4=696.00) so $650 is a bit less. If you are going at value season, the price of one day park hopper is $162.00 (x4=648.00). At least with that info you know how high to bid.
  14. Not sure about customer service, but I read a post from someone in another group who said they not only charge for carry on and checked baggage but also for drinks and snacks you may want on the plane. While they are offered, they are not free.
  15. Seems Cameron is AWOL....Hope he hasn't gone ahead of us to WDW disguised as a Shenanigator!! Maybe @Waternoose will get him back here