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  1. We get the hitchhiking ghosts each year at MNSSHP, usually in close proximity to the exiting of HM.
  2. Happy Birthday (belated) tbdm! Hope you had a great celebration!
  3. Happy Birthday (belated) Cap't!! Hope you had a great celebration!
  4. good deal for the locals who are AP.
  5. Well, maybe next year we should eat at CRT...we are, after all, princesses Well this year you'll check off a couple, the halloween shirt/costume and the kitchen sink! And we'll have to see about getting you a mickey for your car
  6. So three things I haven't done...well one I'm not sure. #10, Mini Golf I can't remember. but I think I did mini golf with the kids in 96 when we were there...so that is maybe #34, Disney Cruise Nope, but hope to rectify that one within a couple years. #46, CRT I have not dined at CRT (hangs head)
  7. This appeared on another page....How'd you do?
  8. Gareth I will miss you by hours :(, as I arrive late afternoon on the 5th. If you are still there and not traveling until the 6th, I'd love to say hello!
  9. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/05/quiz-how-well-do-you-know-pirates-of-the-caribbean/ Well, how'd you do?? I only got 2 correct my first try....but now I know a lot more than I did the first time!
  10. Disney would never cancel ALL fireworks, unless for fire danger or some other emergent reason. Look at the uproar for sending MSEP to Cali Although...it has worked out pretty well with the huge crowds that have been there for HEA. I think we may see Pain the Night parade before years end in WDW .... my prediction
  11. Happy Happy Birthday Osh!! Hope you have a magical celebration!!
  12. As June approaches we have a boat load of streams coming up....I thought I'd bump this up All donations, big or small, help keep us going!
  13. Sorry about that, didn't see the fine print How ridiculous is that though?? I didn't even log in until 9, didn't know it was moved up due to weather. Guess i was asleep at the wheel.
  14. Enter for Chance to Win an interactive Banshee to Celebrate Opening of Pandora – The World of Avatar https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/05/enter-for-chance-to-win-an-interactive-banshee-to-celebrate-opening-of-pandora-the-world-of-avatar/
  15. POP has been undergoing a hard goods refurbish and being as that is my "go to" resort I have been anxiously awaiting the pictures. Well, I have 2 and I like what they have done. The carpet is gone (YAY) there is a queen bed and a double Murphy bed, the tv is up on the wall and a long counter-top houses 6 drawers and a desk area. And best of all a coffee maker (Keurig)!! Hoping they will keep the theme going through their pictures and bed throws. I give it a two thumbs up!!