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  1. flounder1959

    Thanks Tiggerpiglet

    TP, thanks for your streams...they were fabulous!! Enjoyed them all
  2. flounder1959

    Happy Birthday oshpopham!

    Osh, hope you had a very Happy Birthday in Disney! Thanks for letting us share it with you, see you soon!!
  3. flounder1959

    Sorry everyone

    No worries TP, put your poncho on and go have fun!! These are the trips you'll talk about forever, great memories!!
  4. flounder1959

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    email Disney to express your opinions too! guestservices@disneyworld.com
  5. Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays and a magical year ahead!! ºOº
  6. flounder1959

    Challenge accepted

    We have managed to clean the sink at a few SSS gatherings....its yummy!! Enjoy!! Pictures before and after...or it didn't happen
  7. flounder1959

    Dragon fire

    I did too, so sad . I wonder if they will repair it...the body is still good....
  8. flounder1959

    Received the button

    That's a great idea, Albinotrout. We have shirts made up each year for SSS, but there is a generic EyesonEars shirt I think. I have a bunch of them...They are fun to wear, often people ask about the site. A good way to start conversation and spread the disney love! I have little business card made with the logo and URL....hand them to people who inquire.
  9. flounder1959

    Received the button

    An EOE button? It says 3.5" button....that is a big button! Would be good on a back pack or a hat though :)
  10. flounder1959

    Trip canceled

    Sorry, Mr. Hub! Hope all will be well.
  11. flounder1959

    Happy Birthday NoosesRoz

    Hope you had a great birthday, Roz!! Sorry I missed the day, but I wish you a magical year ahead!
  12. Don't forget...this morning at 10:15!! https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/04/disneyparkslive-to-stream-disneys-animal-kingdom-anniversary-celebration-april-22-at-1015-a-m-et/?CMP=EMC-DPFY18Q3wo0412180006A
  13. Oh great! Thanks @kbmum, that should be a great stream!
  14. flounder1959

    Disney Train Cars

    That's so cool, Ry! Looks like a fun hobby!
  15. flounder1959

    Sorry Folks!

    No worries Moose! Have fun!