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  1. See Nut, you're not the only one who wears their night gown to the pool So if you don't want to stop and pay your bill from time to time, absolutely buy the gift cards and carry them with you or just don't pay the bill and let it charge the card. Its a choice, its all up to you
  2. So, when i was there in February I inquired and they do "hold" your credit card, but i was able to go down and use the gift cards to pay down the account every 1-2 days. They do not take any up front, but I will ask at the desk if best to stop in morning or evening to apply. I want my 5%!! lol
  3. flounder1959

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    I'm in!
  4. flounder1959

    Fort Wilderness rates

    I'm really shocked! I didn't have any idea that sites could cost that much Holy Moley!! POP it is
  5. flounder1959

    Happy Birthday octoberbarry

    Happy Birthday octoberbarry! Hope you have a great birthday celebration ºOº
  6. flounder1959

    New Walt Disney World monorails coming soon?

    I did hear that they had new monorail cars on order....don't know if it is fact or fiction, but I agree. They need to be replaced with new. I would like that cool Mickey skin on them too...have you seen Disneyland Monorail??
  7. flounder1959

    My first two streams with Eyes On Ears

    I claim no such thing, you know me better than that.....Hahaha!!
  8. flounder1959

    My first two streams with Eyes On Ears

    I was pleasantly surprised this last trip at the wifi stability. Both at resort and in parks. I don't have unlimited data either so I try to only use it when I can't get a stable wifi stream going. But I managed to get quite a few park streams in. It seems to depend on how busy the parks are and how many are streaming....I know, something we already knew I hope for more great streaming in September....and October!
  9. flounder1959

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    Definitely we will watch Illuminations and do some rides. We should watch to see what food and wine offerings are posted, we have done some fun stuff!
  10. flounder1959

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    Sunday would be great! Have to check on times.
  11. flounder1959

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    Traditional Sunday Breakfast at Trails End or something new? I would love to do a Regatta! Mouse Boats or the Pontoon so we could all be together? The VOID, Wreck It Ralph scenario? Bowling at Splitsville? Boardwalk for some fun entertainment, food, cocktails? Tours: Behind the seeds $20 (I still haven't done this one); Caring for Giants (AK) $30; Fairytale Fireworks Cruise $99.
  12. flounder1959

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    Sounds great, I never knew Alices dh's EOE name...I like it!!
  13. flounder1959

    Happy Birthday beercap8

    Happy Birthday Beercap!
  14. flounder1959

    Happy Birthday Lovin'Stitch

    Happy Birthday Lovin'Stitch!
  15. flounder1959

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    I hope so!! Last year was so much fun with them joining us