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  1. Great instructions Joe! I'll be setting it up and playing around with it before I leave....although I may need a Tech appt. when I get there No guarantees, lol
  2. Looking forward to meeting you John! It's going to be a fun weekend!
  3. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!! See you real soon!!
  4. Happy Birthday Kbmum from Flounder! Hope its a fabulous celebration!
  5. Happy Birthday to my Disney partner in crime!! Hope you have a great celebration.....46 days!!
  6. Hope you have a great birthday, JC!!
  7. Hope you have a super fun birthday, Gareth!! Hope to see you in September
  8. Happy Birthday Osh! Hope you have a magical celebration!
  9. Fiz, on the stream calendar it says August 21st you arrive.....that would be a nice long vacation!!
  10. Happy Happy Birthday, grumpylover! Hope you have a fabulous celebration!
  11. I agree, i think if we build a following on FB we have a better chance of bringing them over to YT later. I'll have to look at streamlabs, I have heard of it but never really looked into it. Is an IPAD considered a computer?
  12. Thanks for posting this, I have an iphone I may use this fall. Now I know how to secure it to the window.
  13. The smokers never bothered me half as much as those huge stroller wagons! As an ex smoker, I too feel bad for the smokers who have to leave the park. It isn't easy to quit and will be really disruptive to a family vacation with a smoker. The huge stroller wagons are another story, especially in crowed, narrow walkways. I think a stroller is more comfortable for the kids anyway. Just my opinion, i did fine with a stroller when mine were little.
  14. during my Feb. trip youtube closed on me once or twice, but it really wasn't a big issue. I have Samsung S9 as well.