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  1. Last year some friends of ours raved about the premium package for the F&WF. I've been trying to find information on it but so far haven't been found anything. Is this something they offer every year? When do they typically announce it?
  2. I'm not the coffee drinker in the family, but my husband has never much liked Starbucks, says it's too bitter. So this taking the place of Main St. Bakery is not news we are particularly happy to hear.
  3. I was talking to one of my friends this weekend. They bought a timeshare down in San Antonio because they could exchange for Disney through II. She had NO IDEA that DVC had switched to RCI, and she was not happy when I told her. Now they're thinking about selling. So for her, it was BAD. For me personally, I don't know yet. We've never done an exchange, so I don't know if RCI is better or worse.
  4. We've only stayed at OKW and BCV (we stayed at Animal Kingdom before it was a DVC - does that count?) While we did love the perks of BCV, we're a tad spoiled by the size of the rooms at OKW. We like the relaxed, laid-back feeling after a long day at the parks. Our goal is to try all of the DVC resorts and I think we want to try Wilderness Lodge next.