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  1. From this past weekend, love me some Spaceship Earth!
  2. Made the second recipe which does not need an ice cream maker and it was Delicious! Really really close to the real thing. None the less on a 90 degree day it was awesome! Now to try the first one once i get the ice cream maker out of the attic. Here is a picture of the finished product, yum yum! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2057246548382&set=a.2057246388378.2111226.1161175491&type=1&theater Thanks again mom2mykids!!!!
  3. Ranger Stan passed away last week. He was a wonderful man and to many an icon of WDW and WL. More can be read about him at this link. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/obituaries/os-obit-stan-moore-20110729,0,7017023.story RIP Mr Moore you truly were a large part of the magic WDW represents to me and my family.
  4. I would need to be in a pool, any pool, but a pool nonetheless. Preferably on OL' man Island POR. Love the slide on that one. Then off to DTD for a very slow paced afternoon of eating and drinking and then back on the boat and in the pool again. Maybe a few beers at that time:icon_eek:
  5. Jimini Christmas that was fast mom2mykids! Thank you so much, I'll be trying both and report :icon_winkwink:back.
  6. How about a home made recipe for Dole Whips? Not the one that has you ordering from Dole:icon_neutral:
  7. I have a 16 yr old daughter and a 18 yr old son. Everyone grows and learns differently. Some take advice from others and apply it to their lives. Some see examples of how they would like to live/behave and they emulate that. Some people(like myself and my daughter unfortunately) are stubborn and have to make their own mistakes. Hopefully things will work out for you and your family soon. Hang in there! We all go through these things. Strength through Adversity.
  8. Other companies listed in the e-mail hack: Barclays Bank of Delaware Brookstone Capital One Citi The College Board Disney Destinations Home Shopping Network JPMorgan Chase Kroger L.L. Bean Marriott Rewards McKinsey & Company New York & Company Ritz-Carlton Rewards TiVo U.S. Bank Walgreens
  9. I got it last week as well. Disney Destinations eh? Oh well, whats email without :icon_smile:junk email?
  10. to you, a very happy birthday and many many more.
  11. Thank all of you so much for the Birthday wishes. I ate, drank and enjoyed my day listening to all the wonderful WDW audio you guys have shared over the years. Thanks again you guys are some of the best.