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  1. Android. I can stream from my phone, but only when on wi-fi as I won't have 4G or unlimited cell data while roaming. Andre
  2. I think I'm going to leave my streaming kit at home this trip (1st Aug). We're a bit more restricted on weight on flights, so the extra few pounds saved will be handy if it's unlikely that a room-stream would work anyway. Andre
  3. I've subscribed to all channels via both of my Google/YouTube accounts. Still only 15% of the way to 1,000 though. It might be a good idea to upload some content to each of the channels (a few long saved videos from resort streams perhaps?) so it might be possible to start getting the view-count going too? 4,000 hours to viewing time will take a while to amass though. I wasn't sure that YouTube even supported 24/7 live feeds, is there a connect time limit? Andre
  4. The problem is that this year we spending a few days each in New York and Toronto on our way to Orlando, and the internal US/Canada flights are more restrictive on hand luggage than United's "just bring the kitchen sink in the cabin" policy. So I'm being a bit more conscious about what I bring in my case - and a webcam, mount bracket, and long cables actually add up quite a bit. I'll still stream some stuff on my phone, but probably via my portorleans.org FB page. The YouTube option sounds good if we can get to the critical mass of subscribers and viewing hours, but of course the problem is that that will take time, and in the meantime the EoE site as it stands will be basically be unusable other than a few links to YouTube. Andre
  5. We'll be at POR for two weeks early August 2018 (actually arriving 31 July) but with the Ustream > YouTube situation I'm not sure whether it'll be worth my while packing all the webcam, mount and cables/etc. We're travelling around a bit before WDW (including some airlines that restrict hand luggage more than United do) so a bit lighter on the overall luggage would be very welcome. Thoughts? Andre
  6. May be a bit late now, but I'd go for as high as you can to avoid people's heads walking along the walkway. I use a cheap suction cup system that was intended for dashboard mounting of phones, but take the top off and it works really well for webcams in windows too (especially as my webcam has a pole mount anyway). Andre
  7. I've also raised this as a question with my management contacts at POR by the way, who are checking but I've not had a real response as yet. Andre
  8. Andre

    August 2017

    Me! Aug 15-Aug 30, at POR. We must catch up Gareth. Andre
  9. Sorry for your loss. Sadly it seems the season for it just now. Andre
  10. Thank you everyone, much appreciated. Mum passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 85 after a protracted battle with dementia, and she is now at peace with my dad who died eight years ago. In some ways it was almost a blessing when she finally slipped away. She had been getting more and more poorly over the past couple of weeks and the end was inevitable, it was just a matter of counting the days until she was ready to leave us. The doctors and the district nurses helped my sister and I to be able to look after her at home, and mum was in more of a relaxed sleep, anxiety-free and no longer in pain, at the end. Tina and I were both able to be there by her side when it came time to say goodbye. It was a UK public holiday yesterday so we couldn't start on making arrangements, but I'm about to start making all the phone calls now. Going to be a busy day I think. Andre
  11. Thanks for the stream of Bob at POR tonight, sorry I have to bale and get some sleep now (2:15am here) but enjoyed the first part! Andre
  12. Hmm, stream works fine for a while then it stops. Wifi seems strong enough so not sure why. It was running when we left room 15 mins ago, but down now. SORRY! Andre
  13. All settled in, hopefully will try a stream today. I'll have to see what channels are available as I didn't add a calendar previously. Andre
  14. Forgot to add myself to the calendar, but I hope be able to livestream from POR this week and next (19 Aug to 1 Sep). Andre
  15. Sadly we'll miss everyone again this year. We're at WDW for the last two weeks in August, heading home on 2 Sept. Andre