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  1. What happened with our resort stream

    I've also raised this as a question with my management contacts at POR by the way, who are checking but I've not had a real response as yet. Andre
  2. August 2017

    Me! Aug 15-Aug 30, at POR. We must catch up Gareth. Andre
  3. See ya real soon

    Sorry for your loss. Sadly it seems the season for it just now. Andre
  4. Condolences to Andre Willey

    Thank you everyone, much appreciated. Mum passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 85 after a protracted battle with dementia, and she is now at peace with my dad who died eight years ago. In some ways it was almost a blessing when she finally slipped away. She had been getting more and more poorly over the past couple of weeks and the end was inevitable, it was just a matter of counting the days until she was ready to leave us. The doctors and the district nurses helped my sister and I to be able to look after her at home, and mum was in more of a relaxed sleep, anxiety-free and no longer in pain, at the end. Tina and I were both able to be there by her side when it came time to say goodbye. It was a UK public holiday yesterday so we couldn't start on making arrangements, but I'm about to start making all the phone calls now. Going to be a busy day I think. Andre
  5. POR Resort streaming

    I've been in touch with someone a bit higher up at Port Orleans, who was already aware of last night's situation and has been trying to reach out Brian to sort this out today. He indicated that there should normally be no issues with general webcam streaming, just as long as it meets general WDW guidelines (which include not showing into other guests' rooms, pool areas, children's play areas, etc.) He did confirm that the concern was raised by another guest, rather than hotel staff noticing it. Andre