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  1. Has anyone tried using a GoPro for streaming? Is it even possible? Just curious. Daze
  2. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a year of magical streams!!!
  3. i've gone with Puffin. built in flash. works great on this site.
  4. I tried opera 11.1. I see the flash plugin but it still isn't displaying any streams or chat windows.
  5. Fiz - I am downloading now. Any tips are greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the tips NE. I gave it a go and still no Flash. I will keep trying.
  7. Dazey and I just bought the new GS3 phones and they AWESOME...except we can't use the browser to view the EOE site. Any suggestions from those using new android devices? Thanks Eric
  8. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!!! I am so glad that we found this amazing EOE family!!! Jen (Disneydazey)
  9. Have a wonderful birthday NE!!!! Jen (Disneydazey)
  10. Has anyone started to document the areas of WDW that seem to have the strongest wifi signals? This would be especially helpful for parades, fireworks shows etc. If it already exists, can someone point me in that direction? Hopefully there is a good list by the time we head to WDW in January. Thanks. Daze
  11. I have the logitech 9000 and was wondering how the new HD cams are working out for everyone. I ask becasue I was in bestbuy last night browsing around and saw lots to choose from. Let me know what is good /bad about the cams you are using. thanks
  12. Great idea Fiz. I never thought about just using an old phone to stream instead of the bulky laptop. I have the original samsung captivate just laying around here for the kids to use. All you need is a charger and possibly an extension cord. I might consider that for next time.
  13. Happy Happy Birthday Fiz!!! Celebrate!!! Jen (Disneydazey)
  14. http://land.allears.net/blogs/dnews/2012/09/disney_vacation_club_membershi_1.html Makes me want to plan a whole bunch of trips to take advantage of this offer! Jen (Disneydazey)
  15. Happy Anniversary!!! What a great place to be spending it!! Thanks for all the streams. Jen (Disneydazey)