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  1. deano426

    You tube to facebook

    Maybe we could transfer to eoe like they did! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=178319012989551&id=1477241072603039
  2. deano426

    Looks like mobile only this trip

    It usually said it on fb
  3. deano426

    Looks like mobile only this trip

    I dont use twitter
  4. deano426

    Looks like mobile only this trip

    How will we know when someone is streaming useing you tube, by the time i get a notification it will be over
  5. can periscope be used?
  6. deano426

    Power bank

    I went and bought a brand new anker for 20 bucks, 20,000 mah
  7. deano426

    when will it end??

    so, basically same fee different area
  8. deano426

    when will it end??

  9. deano426

    Power bank

    Whats the best power bank for phones?
  10. deano426

    Forum upgraded

    I see it covered
  11. deano426

    happy birthday

    happy birthday to myself
  12. deano426

    Cannot Get On Chat

    I couldn't get on irc earlier also
  13. deano426

    Happy Birthday DVCJen!

    Happy birthday,......
  14. deano426

    Enter to win a Banshee!!

    Only One hour !!