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  1. Hershey used to have two now only one
  2. I thought it was there when i went last year
  3. They are in test mode speed, when ready it will be 15mph ,i believe!
  4. deano426


    In addition to rising ticket and annual pass costs, Walt Disney World has also increased parking fees at its theme parks. Guests who park their vehicle at a Walt Disney World theme park can now expect to pay the following prices: Preferred parking: car or motorcycle – Now $50 per day, up from $45 Standard parking: car or motorcycle – Now $25 per day, up from $22 Oversized Vehicle Parking - Now $30 per day, up from $27 Of course, parking for select annual passholders, hotel guests, and DVC members remains complimentary, but with these newly-raised prices for parking, for those guests who normally pay to park, it may actually be cheaper to take an Uber or Lyft to the theme parks than to pay these massive parking fees.
  5. Maybe we could transfer to eoe like they did! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=178319012989551&id=1477241072603039
  6. How will we know when someone is streaming useing you tube, by the time i get a notification it will be over