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  1. TiggerPiglet

    Thanks Tiggerpiglet

    You're welcome! Wish I could have streamed more.
  2. TiggerPiglet

    Sorry everyone

    Just want to apologize for the lack of mobiles, it's been raining quite a bit. I wanted to stream ROL Friday night but it rained the whole show. They say rain keeps the crowds away, well ROL was packed with nuts like us who are willing to sit in the rain lol.
  3. TiggerPiglet

    Sorry everyone

    Unfortunately we have a dormer balcony. I was hoping to have a balcony with slats so I could prop my iPad on a chair and stream through the slats . We move to the poly Sunday, hopefully it will be a better set up there.
  4. TiggerPiglet

    Sorry everyone

    I spilled tea on my laptop this morning , so I'm going to attempt to resort stream with my iPad but will probably be limited to when we're in the room. I will still mobile stream :). Sorry again !
  5. TiggerPiglet

    Happy Birthday NoosesRoz

    Happy belated birthday!
  6. TiggerPiglet

    Sorry Folks!

    No worries! Have a great time!
  7. TiggerPiglet

    when will it end??

    We rent a car when there and never leave property either, except one day to visit friends of ours, otherwise we stay put. Having said that, I do believe a lot of people who rent cars do leave to go to Universal, Gatorland,, off-site restaurants, off-site gift shops, etc. So this extra fee could make some stop renting and use ME and just stay on property.
  8. TiggerPiglet

    when will it end??

    I don't believe ME is free, I really feel that is part of their room costs, they just want to say it's free to get you to use it instead of Mears or Uber. Free dining isn't free either when they make you pay rack rate to get it. It's all smoke and mirrors with Disney, so in a way I'm glad at least they are saying they are outright charging you for something instead of just raising the room rates and making it look free. At least now you can opt not to bring or rent a car to save on that parking fee. I'm assuming they started charging since Universal charges for parking, they probably thought why not just put that charge out there in the open and maybe keep people from renting cars like NH suggested, keeping more people on property.
  9. TiggerPiglet

    Emma's heart

    Wishing Emma speedy recovery and Belle and Wi, you guys are so awesome
  10. Four nights is our shortest
  11. TiggerPiglet

    Thanks Mrhub and Scrappy

    Yes, thank you!
  12. TiggerPiglet

    Visual room inspection

    So it sounds like they are aware of the cam and they haven't asked you to take it down, which is a good sign. So weird how they are coming into rooms "to look around".
  13. TiggerPiglet

    Happy Birthday flounder

    Happy birthday FLounder! Hope it's magical!
  14. TiggerPiglet

    No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    Exactly, it's all smoke and mirrors to try to make it look like they are making it safer when in fact doing away with resort streams does nothing to make things safer. It will just make those who do not understand what resort streaming is really all about feel safer. I've said this before many times, I don't get how someone can get upset over a webcam that is obviously pointed out to the landscape and that same person could be at the pool watching a guy film kids at the pool and think, oh how cute he's filming his kids. Meanwhile it's a perv filming others' kids, but hey it's the webcams from the resorts that are streaming things it shouldn't .
  15. TiggerPiglet

    Happy Birthday nhlfan

    Happy birthday!