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  1. OMG, did they really consider closing 4 headliners. Even the 2 they are closing is not right. To even consider closing 7DMT during the parties is just bad business. The parties may be the only time some people get to ride it without the insanely long lines.
  2. I think the queen bed alone is a great addition. When we go on vacation and get stuck with a double bed, DH and I are not happy campers lol.
  3. I would have to see them in person. If I had young kids I would be more inclined to buy one, but since mine are older not sure if I would get one, but then again if these things are really cute I might not be able to resist lol.
  4. You can definitely link them. From my understanding the tickets expire the day you use them. So if you link all 4, you should have no problem using them one day at a time. I also think let's say you don't get to use the 4th one, that that one should stay good until it expires, which you said was in 2019. I don't think with 4 individual tickets you are forced to use them 4 days in a row or within 14 days like a 4 day ticket package would be. I would call though to be sure.
  5. Happy birthday Roz! Have a great day!
  6. There may a haunted mansion restaurant coming to a theme park near you: http://www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2017/05/01/rumors-point-to-a-possible-haunted-mansion-restaurant-at-magic-kingdom
  7. Congrats Nut!
  8. I know in the old days Disney would let you buy a 10 day park hopper that would never expire, which was probably great for people who went just a day or 2 a year, it's too bad they took that option away.
  9. Looks like there is a rumor that Disneyland Paris is going to start a premium FP option that can be bought. The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if that happens here. Not sure how I feel about that, but so many them parks do this, Six Flags, Hershey, etc. http://wdwnt.com/blog/2017/04/rumor-disneyland-paris-introduce-paid-fastpass-premium-service/
  10. OMG, is that how much a one day park hopper is? Holy moly! I was just looking at what the 4 day park hopper option was. I'm wondering who 4 1 day park hoppers would benefit. Locals would more than likely have an AP and most people traveling from out of state stay more than one day. It wouldn't make sense for anyone to buy 4 1 day park hopper tickets when the 4 day package is so much less. I guess there are people who go one day here and one day there without an AP, but can't imagine there are many.
  11. At $650 that would make them each worth $162.50. Seems a bit much to me. If Disney is auctioning off for a price much more than they are worth, I wonder if there are special incentives attached it like free dining, a free room for the nights you use these tickets, etc. Just to give perspective a 4 day park hopper is $440 dollars, that's $210 less than what they are saying these tickets are worth. I don't get it lol. Now if they are saying each of these tickets are $650 I really don't get it.
  12. I heard about this too Right now I think it's going to be tested for Cast Members to bring them back and forth to their parking lot. It sounds like a cool idea but I do feel bad for the bus drivers who are going to lose their jobs. It would be nice if they could update transportation with technology but keep the human element there.
  13. Happy birthday friend! Have a great day, you deserve it!
  14. Also want to add why crowds may be lighter on party days. People who have the one day park tickets will not want to go to MK on a party night because there will be no night parade (well when there was one ) or fireworks for them to see. So they are more likely to choose a night where there is no party in order to see the night time entertainment.
  15. I actually heard the crowds are lighter on party days because a lot of people do one day park tickets and wouldn't want to have to leave at 7:00 and people doing the party that have park hoppers will choose to do another park during the day and then head to the party later. You may see the MK crowds getting heavier between 4:00 and 7:00 as that will be the time you will have party goers and day park visitors there at the same time.