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  1. I noticed the rates have gone up too, but they are giving out some good discounts for the summer, I'm hoping that carries into the fall.
  2. https://chipandco.com/more-disney-world-resorts-facing-decreased-bus-services-376150/?fbclid=IwAR15Qt9JKRYehIB28QuGd-Uxl0T7AOFIUWA6P8tQ8xnSSUKXR-6Y4UAae3U
  3. Happy Holidays to you and Skippy!
  4. Lol. Thank you for the streams, was a nice way to spend my birthday since it was a frozen tundra here in NJ.
  5. Joe thank you so much for the instructions. The only issue I'm having now is editing the title. There is no settings icon that shows when I am streaming live. I have an android phone, Samsung S9. Could it be somewhere else for me?
  6. Of course I forgot how to stream from Streamlabs. Do I log out of my youtube and then relog in with the EoE info and then I can just stream from SL?
  7. I would go to both parks to see the Harry Potter stuff, it is definitely worth it and take Hogwarts express to go between parks. I really liked the Gringots ride. Forbidden Journey is fun too, but I have not felt so great a few times after riding it. There is the new Hagrid coaster that is suppose to be really good too. Staying on property does get you FOTL, but not for Harry Potter. Staying on property will get you into the Harry Potter lands an hour earlier though, so keep that in mind, no FOTL for HP.
  8. I make my dining through the MDE app or online anyway, but there are people out there who do not like to do things through technology , so for them I wonder how that will work out.