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  1. TiggerPiglet

    Lime Dole Whip!

    I was just there and didn't know they had a new flavor, must have been why the line for the dole whips were so long lol. I'm not a fan of the pineapple one, but lime sounds really good.
  2. TiggerPiglet

    Happy Birthday tyme4tea

    Happy birthday!
  3. TiggerPiglet

    Filter Violation

    While I was streaming ROL a filter violation for copyrighted music popped up on my screen. I was afraid the video wasn't going to be uploaded but I see it's still there. So not sure why I got that message, yet they still allowed the video to be uploaded. Maybe it will be taken down at a later date??? Anyway I wanted to let you all know it was flagged just in case it should be taken down by us so we don't get in trouble with YouTube.
  4. TiggerPiglet

    Fort Wilderness rates

    They have started cracking down on people who book 1 night at a onsite resort and then they cancel the resort. They are not cracking down on people who actually keep the one night booking and book FP's for 7 days out, when they are only booked 1 night onsite.
  5. TiggerPiglet

    Fort Wilderness rates

    I wonder if they jacked the rates up because of the whole throwaway scam that people were doing. Buying a one night campsite stay so they could book FP's out 60 days, but had no intention of actually staying onsite. I hate to give this other site traffic, but here's a link describing what throwaway rooms are https://www.wdwinfo.com/the-great-throwaway-room-debate.htm
  6. TiggerPiglet

    WDW "Inside Out"

    What happened to those cool mickey seats in the monorail.
  7. TiggerPiglet

    Video of new gondolas

    I remember there being a skyway last time I was there, which probably about 5 years ago. Guess they could have torn it down.
  8. TiggerPiglet

    EOESSS 2019 Planning

    Well thank you for putting me in there. I hope to go, but it really doesn't look good
  9. TiggerPiglet

    Video of new gondolas

    Hershey park still has a skyway. It is a nice perspective of the park, but like WI said those are open vehicles going a very short distance. This gondola system is a whole new animal. It will be interesting to see them in action and what guest experience will be
  10. TiggerPiglet

    Video of new gondolas

    the one thing I noticed is that they move very slow. Since there is no a/c and we're suppose to be cooled by the air flow, I'm a little concerned lol. One thing for sure people will get some great pictures from these things. We'll also be able to see the parks in a whole new way blogmickey.com/2019/02/video-of-first-disney-skyliner-gondola-spotted-traveling-the-line/
  11. TiggerPiglet

    Happy Birthday beercap8

    Happy birthday!
  12. TiggerPiglet

    A new tour at Disney for only $12,000!!!

    LOL, if I win the Lotto, I'll definitely remember you guys.
  13. I don't know about you guys, but I can't believe how cheap this tour is....NOT! https://wdwnt.com/2019/01/new-world-of-dreams-12000-tour-being-offered-at-walt-disney-world-offers-cinderella-castle-suite-access-and-more/
  14. TiggerPiglet

    Dragon fire

    Hmmm, maybe.
  15. TiggerPiglet

    Dragon fire

    That's great. The dragon is my favorite part of the parade.