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  2. I can't find any audio list of It's A Small World from 1992 Version and 2015 Version I tried asking the Walt Disney Company and Legal Department for permission to remix Audio for my Project and they kept saying no. I don't even know the reason, I needed to listen to the Audio and Place it on the World of Disneyland Website here's the link http://www.worldofdisneyland.com/index.php And Someone already posted the Audio of the Bonus Disneyland Video of 1992 John Debney's It's A Small World from Disneyland Paris name rickydoodlebug here's his video link Please Watch the video and see what I am talking about I would like everybody to listen to it even though Disneyland in California doesn't Use that Version in the Attraction anymore since September 13th 2002 but it can be played today in the Disneyland Entrance between Disneyland Park, and Disney's California Adventure Park, but might played in the Next Couple of Years in the Attraction at Disneyland Park in California maybe Disneyland 65th, 70th 75th or the 80th of Disneyland in California even the 100th you'll never know what changes will be in the Attraction