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  1. Those are both amazing! Thank you so so much!!
  2. I'm sorry if anyone has already asked, but does anyone have the sound of just the bells on the monorail? I really like the "bing-bong" and want it for a text message ringtone. Thanks!
  3. Cool Moose. Does anyone have the complete audio for Tomorrowland Transit Authority or Test Track that is not live?
  4. If anyone is still interested in sharing their Disney audio, you can go to http://www.savefile.com. It is a free, easy site to use. Just upload your files to that site then post the link to your savefile right here on this thread!
  5. I LOVE Expedition Everest. Extremely fun. Can't wait to ride in June. Never have I ever been to Yak & Yeti.
  6. It sure is! Thank you so much Moose, I love it!
  7. Does anyone have the music for the Spectromagic Parade? The current one that has On this Magic Night?
  8. Thank you so much Jeff! You're awesome!
  9. I too have a SaveFile account now! http://www.savefile.com/projects/808750172 Will add as much as I can!
  10. Does anyone have any Polynesian music or know where I can get it?
  11. I am looking for Adventureland steel drums audio and Animal Kingdom area music loops. If anyone can help me out or tell me where to find these, it would be most appreciated!
  12. I know many of you have (just about) a complete collection of area music, theme songs, sound bites, and more from the Disney parks. Here is a thread where you can request audio files to start or complete your collection!
  13. I agree you should do 50's Prime Time Cafe. We eat there every trip to DHS. I was going to suggest you do Sci-Fi Dine-In at the latest possible time, like my family did. The food was good for us and we were the last ones out of the park. We got to slowly wander to the exit and stopped to take several pictures. But those are the only 2 restaurants I can really comment on and recommend.