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  1. Well, Albinotrout, you can practice your streaming on all of us, and we will enjoy watching and joining along on your adventures! Thank you!
  2. Yes! Thank you so much for your streams on youtube WiHumphrey! We love to being able to access them at any time to view again! (And we have!) We are looking through the calendar tonight to see what WDW visits you have coming up! We would like to add that you are doing a great job with your streaming! And we appreciate so much your willingness to share them with all of us! Count us among those who have added your youtube to our favorites list! Albinotrout, your streams are wonderful too, and we are looking forward to Port Orleans Riverside this week! Newharmony, don't you ever put your phone down, lol! We all love your streams! Is a YouTube account in your future? Fingers crossed!
  3. We're sorry you had to move to another resort, but thank you for letting us know! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the BWV
  4. We totally agree NH. We love ALL views shared by the streamers and appreciate so much the time, effort, knowledge of streaming, and above all, your willingness to share. We watch the calendar, look forward to the emails of upcoming streams, and have our calendar marked with "where we're going" each month. (So excited that we're all going to the Boardwalk next month But, we also look forward to Ft. Wilderness as we love to walk there each time we are at WDW, and we are enjoying Saratoga Springs, as we just returned from there in November. (Love your location and thank you Mr. Hub and Scrappy!) And there is no such thing as "just trees" when you are up north knee deep in snow. The Florida sky, the sound the of boat whistles, hearing the carts drive by at Ft. Wilderness, the sound of the breeze blowing through the palm trees, the music from the Polynesian Resort when the cam is near one of the speakers. The SOUNDS of our Disney trips So, while we definitely love our Boardwalk View because it feels like home, and the Contemporary Resort view of Bay Lake or MK we also enjoy and appreciate, just as much ALL views, ALL streams. To all who stream and share their Disney vacations and views with us, thank you. NH, WiHumphrey, Mr.Hub and Scrappy recently. And Flounder, thank you so much for noting that it is meaningful to you if even one person is enjoying your stream, because it truly is appreciated. May the joy you give to all of us watching be returned to you tenfold. It's hard to put into words how VERY much it is appreciated. THANK YOU ALL