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  1. Dang, so many changes that ales things difficult. My plans for December are to take the laptop and resort stream. I hopefully will be able to mobile stream as well. If the Facebook live stream works I will do it.
  2. Looking forward to having this photo next time we go. Hopefully DL gets it too.
  3. Make sure the app is up to date. YT updates it on a regular basis.
  4. No problem. Next stream from me will be in December
  5. Mobile streaming today may be decreased. It’s raining pretty good.
  6. No problem. In December we will take the laptop and use the webcam I purchased.
  7. I will keep trying but looks like the WiFi at the hotel is a little slow so the resort stream has technical difficulties at this time.
  8. I won't use them. I prefer the bus. If by chance it is a down day and I don't need to be anywhere in particular I then might use them.
  9. We were there in August and it was fun . Our waitress went all out. We saw ketchup get transferred to at least 4-5 different tables while we were there. My son ended up in jail and my daughter had what seems like a gallon of lemonade to drink.
  10. We’ve visited DL at Christmas time before this will be the first time we actually visit on Christmas Day.
  11. Our Disney trip this year will be Christmas at DL. Have fun everyone.
  12. Cool, give me a couple weeks and I can donate for 2019
  13. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great holiday!
  14. ok So how much is needed to make it the rest of the way?
  15. By adding a date to the title cause the bot to flag it as well? I have noticed a lot of the titles are the same stuff f not similar. I agree a bit more creativity on the naming of streams will help. Maybe something like this. Instead of main street USA name it hanging out on mains street USA. Then the next stream of the area change it up a bit like this. Being a tourist on Main Street.
  16. Yes, the dark side. My wife has been begging me for years to take her.
  17. I just upgraded my phone. Originally I was going to go with an iPhone 8. Today I have an X-R. Looking forward to seeing how this phone will work with streaming.
  18. We will be staying at the Sheraton Universal which is right across the street. We have two day tickets as well. Only staying for three nights.
  19. That’s all in Orlando, I will be I Hollywood where they have one park.
  20. I am pretty much going because of my wife. She wants to see the Harry Potter stuff. Last time I went was in 87’. So far looks like the city walk is very similar to DS or DTD.
  21. I see less photos taken as well. Makes it not worth the money spent on photopass if less pics taken. We enjoy all the different shots we get from the photographers. A box cannot do that.
  22. Not a good idea at all. Just to save a $ they want to make it not worth it to use photopass at all: