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  1. Albinotrout

    Thanks Tiggerpiglet

    I enjoyed what you were able to steam.
  2. Albinotrout

    What is your go to counter service ?

    I will answer this. At DL we like Rancho Del Zocalo and at DCA its Flos.
  3. Albinotrout

    Sorry everyone

    Didn’t know Lao tips liked to drink tea.
  4. Albinotrout

    Sorry everyone

    Enjoy your vacation.
  5. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

  6. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    Well one thing is for sure this is been the best response I have seen yet from Disney other than the short tweet that left too much to interpretation. So I will take it as good news.
  7. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    WIth this information it now makes more sense what is going on.
  8. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    I got a response from Disney and it looks hopeful. Apparently they have asked the cast at the restaurant to tone it down a bit because the other gussets in the hotel can see everything. Here is the email. ##- Please type your reply above this line -## Jonathan Riggs (Disney) May 16, 11:54 AM EDT Dear Kevin, Thank you for your email regarding the recent changes at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. I can certainly understand your worry. I've asked for ketchup or an extra straw plenty of times myself, and the shenanigans never get old! Let me assure you that Whispering Canyon Cafe is still a rootin' tootin' good time for the whole family, with plenty of antics. However, as a huge fan of this experience, I'm sure you remember that the restaurant is open to the lobby which means it is also open to multiple floors of this lovely Resort. Therefore, we've asked our Cast Members to turn down the volume a bit to be more considerate our Guests at Disney's Wilderness Lodge that aren't in the restaurant. Kevin, thank you very much for your feedback. I hope this information helps put you at ease. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a magical day, Jonathan Riggs Guest Experience Services Walt Disney World Resort 407-934-7459 M005336814 [M738Y3-0QWL]
  9. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    I hope what they replace it with is just as fun.
  10. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    I sent an email Saturday. Haven’t heard back yet. Just the usual form letter stating I will hear back soon.
  11. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    We are eating there for the first time in August. Truly a bummer.
  12. Albinotrout

    Challenge accepted

    Sure thing if I can get them to post.
  13. Albinotrout

    No More Antics at Whispering Canyon

    I have sent an email in to Disney to confirm if this is true or not.
  14. Albinotrout

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    Anyone know if it is confirmed that whispering canyon is ending all Tom foolery and shenanigans?
  15. Albinotrout

    Received the button

    Little business cards are a neat idea.