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  1. Albinotrout

    Halloween fun

    My daughter had fun scaring people with them Halloween night.
  2. Albinotrout

    Halloween fun

    TRy this one
  3. Albinotrout

    Halloween fun

    Osh’s halloween display at FW has given us a few ideas. We just had to get two RC stunt cars and attach spiders. They will have glow sticks attached for night time use. Here is a short video of one in action. https://www.facebook.com/100001212127037/posts/2090930987623952/
  4. Albinotrout

    I gotta be nuts!

    I hear ya.woth prices going up it makes it harder to go. I just figured out the plan to pay for 2021. Two trips. It will take me three years of saving to pull it off. May be the last one for a while too. We still want to do a Disney cruise and that will be a couple years later.
  5. Albinotrout

    I gotta be nuts!

    For us DL is a lot cheaper. But for some reason we are enjoying wdw more. The second trip may end up being just the two of us. Which would make it cheaper.
  6. Albinotrout

    I gotta be nuts!

    I have started the preliminary art planning for two trips to wdw in 2021. It’s gonna take all three years from now to pull this off financially. 1st trip will be in June for my daughter. 13 nights, 14 days. Pricing it out almost $9000 for three for that duration. Then add spending money, airfare, AP ticket upgrades (you can see where this is going). Then second trip will be in December. Hoping for Christmas week. Another $3000 to $4000 for 6 nights. Ok my wallet just fainted again.
  7. Albinotrout

    Moderate resorts

    Yeah we love POR, we’ve stayed there twice now.
  8. Albinotrout

    Thanks Tech Team!!!

    I’ll play with that tomorrow
  9. I like the options offered at that website
  10. Albinotrout

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Ug, I over did it on the pins this trip. I had to order another lanyard from Disney. Should got another one while I was there. Oh well at least I can order one along with a couple shirts.
  11. I will send some more your way but it will have to wait until a week from Thursday.
  12. Albinotrout

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    I finally uploaded the hallowishes my daughter took on Aug 17 to channel 4.
  13. Albinotrout

    Moderate resorts

    I can see why. Small resort and one dedicated bus.
  14. So it is possible then?