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  1. Albinotrout

    Thanks Tech Team!!!

    I’ll play with that tomorrow
  2. I like the options offered at that website
  3. Albinotrout

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Ug, I over did it on the pins this trip. I had to order another lanyard from Disney. Should got another one while I was there. Oh well at least I can order one along with a couple shirts.
  4. I will send some more your way but it will have to wait until a week from Thursday.
  5. Albinotrout

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    I finally uploaded the hallowishes my daughter took on Aug 17 to channel 4.
  6. Albinotrout

    Moderate resorts

    I can see why. Small resort and one dedicated bus.
  7. So it is possible then?
  8. My next trip I may just stream the resort while I am in the room, then stream the park. All from my phone.
  9. Albinotrout

    Moderate resorts

    Yes it’s big but the main building and pool seem pretty central to the resort. The other two seem like the buildings and pool are a lot farther to walk to.
  10. Albinotrout

    Moderate resorts

    One thing I love about POR is the nit time entertainment like Yehaa Bob.
  11. Albinotrout

    Moderate resorts

    I thought POR is huge.
  12. Albinotrout

    Moderate resorts

    If you had your choice, which moderate resort would you stay at and why? We have stayed at POR twice now and my wife loves it. POFQ coronado springs carribean beach
  13. Albinotrout

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Thanks Flounder. Looking forward to your streams next month. My daughter started planning her next trip to Disney she wants. However it will be a couple of years away so I can get the cash saved up.
  14. Albinotrout

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Anyone for some adventures at the airport? Our flight is delayed 3 hours due to weather. The plane was diverted to Fort Lauderdale. It circled Orlando until it needed fuel. Our 7:46 flight is now 10:30 maybe.