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  1. Have fun everyone and stay safe. Looking forward to your streams.
  2. It’s going to be interesting to see what the changes will actually look like.
  3. I’m gonna need to read this before our trip in December, make sure I’m on then same page.
  4. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.
  5. We will just miss the opening at DL, we were hoping to see it in december but alas...
  6. Slowly pricing out the average family one dollar at a time
  7. Ran a good test at the local Disney store today. However can’t figure out how to change the title for some reason.
  8. Ran a test with stream labs today. I was filming the Big boy celebration in Ogden Ut when everyone turned their phones on mine crashed. I lost the signal completely. Had tI finish up with the camera and save to the phone. I will try again Sunday when I attempt to chase said steam locomotive and see what happens.
  9. Downloaded iPhone app, will set up, May stream local Disney store just for fun.
  10. Ok downloaded the app for iPhone. I will get it set up as time allows. I won’t be streaming Disney until December so I have time to play with it. Unless of course I get some wild notion to stream the local Disney store for some reason.
  11. Dang, so many changes that ales things difficult. My plans for December are to take the laptop and resort stream. I hopefully will be able to mobile stream as well. If the Facebook live stream works I will do it.