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  1. robramdisk

    WDW "Inside Out"

    Hi, I came across an old series that some of you may enjoy. It was aired on the Disney Channel on Sunday evenings (I believe) between 1994-1997 and featured a behind the scenes tour of WDW. This YT playlist contains 27 episodes. There's a lot of 'fluff' but its a fun show. Hosts include Brianne Leary, JD Roth and George Foreman. These are not my uploads and I am not affiliated with the uploader (I don't intend on spamming) :-)
  2. Ooops. I notice this was already posted in another forum...
  3. Happy New Year and thank you for the great streams in 2018! The stream starts at 11:45pm (EST) on the 31st
  4. robramdisk

    Happy Birthday robramdisk

    Wow! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much everyone. It's always a pleasure being a member of this kind group! Happy New Year everyone and happy holidays.
  5. robramdisk

    Disney Trivia

    Great thank you!
  6. robramdisk

    Disney Trivia

    Hi everyone. I just noticed the Disney Trivia banner on EoE for Thursday nights at 8pm. Please how do I partake? I've looked around and I can't find any instructions. Thank you!
  7. robramdisk

    Trip canceled

    Very sorry Mr Hubs. Take care.
  8. ku-tiki is a legend on pscope. She should hang out on eyesonears more often too. :)

    1. Ku-Tiki


      Awww Thanks Rob!!!  And I love eyesonears!!!  It’s the first streaming I ever watched!!!  Before Periscope.  Thanks to all of you for sharing and welcoming me here!!!! 

  9. robramdisk

    What is that crane doing there?

    Hi, I noticed a new red crane in the EonE live Blue Heron feed and wondered what it was. Correct me if I'm wrong but the crane was brought in to assist with the construction of a new Disney Springs parking garage. The bright light you see in the evening is a light illuminating night time construction. Here's a photograph taken from the parking garage in Disney Springs of the construction. The Blue Heron is seen in the distance. Thank you, Rob
  10. robramdisk