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  1. Really looking forward to all the great streams from this event!!! Should get the kids even more excited for our Fall Break trip the first week in October! Hope somebody can do a stream or post some photos from the Regatta... be great to see the core group of people together who put so much effort into providing these streams for the rest of us Disney fans. Hope everyone has a great time and great weather!!!
  2. Hi folks... just wanted to drop a line on this thread to send a big thank you to all of you for your efforts and sharing your vacations. You have given my girls a lot of enjoyment watching the streams! My 5 year old comes in my office at least once a week and asks to see "what's going on at Disney today." Now we even stream to the TV anytime somebody has a view of the fireworks and make a family event of it. So just wanted to say thanks and share with you the enjoyment my family gets out of your hard work! Joined the forum and donated to your cause last week to let you know. Hoping you guys set a record for the most streams in a week when you get together in September! My family and I will definitely be tuned in!!!