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  1. Kywildwolf76

    Coast to Coast 2018!

    that's our dream for sometime in our life. do all the domestic and afar parks. =(
  2. Kywildwolf76

    POP Refurb

    lol wouldn't matter if it was just us adults wdwnut, my wife would still use mine to clean the toilet LOL!
  3. Kywildwolf76

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    we ended up not going there during our last trip with the kids because we heard they took away the sill stuff, so I was wondering if they still do or not.
  4. Kywildwolf76

    Dragon fire

    anyone ever heard if the dragon will ever be fixed and brought back but maybe fireless?
  5. Kywildwolf76

    New Magic Band Colors

    I cant wait to see what other colors they come out with in the future. wonder if they will ever do a black one?
  6. Kywildwolf76

    Looking at webcams

    ours is a Logitech 910 I think, its a little older but very clear and sharp! I use it for my youtube and twitch tv game streams
  7. good to know for next trip. so maybe we wont have the live streams for longer than we are in the park for the day then.
  8. Kywildwolf76

    Youtube Streaming - Stream Titles

    sorry this happened, I hope none of our streams caused this pain, but good to know for next trip!
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  10. Kywildwolf76

    2018 Donation Drive

    glad to hear sounds like last year was covered. mrs wolf and I will be doing more donating this year ourselves !
  11. we are hoping to stay for 3 nights at the end of this month. got to get my mom in law to keep the kids for us though. so wish us luck lol
  12. Kywildwolf76

    POP Refurb

    pop is our favorite resort and we will be doing adjoining rooms when we go back in 2020. im very happy to see they have put so much work into it and made it look so nice
  13. Kywildwolf76

    Extended Fass-Pass selections

    we make really good use of fastpassses the morning we can. we always get up early to do it too lol
  14. Kywildwolf76

    Moderate resorts

    we stayed at port orleans riverside once and LOVED it. if we ever get the chance to do that again we will for sure.
  15. Kywildwolf76

    Halloween Merch

    petes silly side show seems to be the place for pary merch, we went there for Christmas in 2016 and that's where we found all of it,
  16. I hear ya Fiz, my biggest worry is some cost cutting place filler night time show, especially since they haven't replaced MKs night time parade and don't seem to have plans to do so.
  17. Kywildwolf76

    Looking at webcams

    im using a Logitech c910 for my video game streaming and when we wen tto Disney back in 2016. the thing is amazing!
  18. Kywildwolf76

    Live Streaming with a Phone: tutorial

    I have my own youtube channel but its for gaming lol. so when we go we cant wait to use the youtube channels for EOE!
  19. Kywildwolf76

    You tube to facebook

    yeah didn't work for me either.
  20. people keep hundreds of videos on their you tube channels. its a great way to get channel views and subs, in the long run this would help generate money through ads and help cover the yearly costs of the EoE web site itself. its a win win!
  21. Kywildwolf76

    October Photo of the Month - RESORTS

    can't wait to see those pics guys!
  22. Kywildwolf76

    2018 Donation Drive

    Mrs. Wolf and I just made a donation tonight guys! Hope it helps! We love ya guys and we love what we do here. its our honor to be able to help out!
  23. Kywildwolf76

    EoESSS 2017 planning

    love the design totally!! im not sure I can do $34 a shirt though =( I wont even pay that for a polo for work lol but then again im extremely frugal!
  24. Kywildwolf76

    2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    it's all worked out!!! mom in law is keeping the kiddoes! woohoo! we will be therefrom 7th-10s leaving the 11th in the morning!
  25. Kywildwolf76

    2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    Ok looks like Mrs. Wolf and i are for sure going to be there now from the 7th-10th leaving on the 11th in the morning.