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  1. ive been wondering about this too. ive heard he was under the influence and then I heard he was a special needs person so who knows? I've been wondering about the end result of this too and what was the truth.
  2. everyone has been calling it Wallcot right now because of all the construction walls. some of the videos ive seen from podcasters on youtube make it look like a real mess!
  3. I've been a tron fan since the original movie came out. ive seen the 2nd one and loved it and how it ties together with the original. ive watched the ride video for it from shanghai Disney, and I cant wait to get on it, it'll be just like being in the movie!!!
  4. yes!! M&M store!! wonder what kind of fun and different ones we could find in that store?
  5. Well as our trip as of today is 332 days away. i'm starting to check in on things make preparations etc. I've been noticing folks talking about using streamlabs to stream directly to youtube. Can we not just go live on the EoE youtube channels? I was playing with my YouTube app on my phone this morning and noticed the go live is still there. I was just curious as to why people are using streamlabs? Any insight would be appreciated and thanks to all! =) *edit* we will most likely use Mrs. Wolf's iPhone 10x to stream from if this matters any.
  6. I thought maybe Cameron just got sent to his room for misbehaving and had been grounded afterwards =)
  7. that's our dream for sometime in our life. do all the domestic and afar parks. =(
  8. lol wouldn't matter if it was just us adults wdwnut, my wife would still use mine to clean the toilet LOL!
  9. we ended up not going there during our last trip with the kids because we heard they took away the sill stuff, so I was wondering if they still do or not.
  10. anyone ever heard if the dragon will ever be fixed and brought back but maybe fireless?
  11. I cant wait to see what other colors they come out with in the future. wonder if they will ever do a black one?
  12. ours is a Logitech 910 I think, its a little older but very clear and sharp! I use it for my youtube and twitch tv game streams
  13. good to know for next trip. so maybe we wont have the live streams for longer than we are in the park for the day then.