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  1. Kywildwolf76

    EoESSS 2017 planning

    love the design totally!! im not sure I can do $34 a shirt though =( I wont even pay that for a polo for work lol but then again im extremely frugal!
  2. Kywildwolf76

    2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    it's all worked out!!! mom in law is keeping the kiddoes! woohoo! we will be therefrom 7th-10s leaving the 11th in the morning!
  3. Kywildwolf76

    2017 Summer Stream Symposium

    Ok looks like Mrs. Wolf and i are for sure going to be there now from the 7th-10th leaving on the 11th in the morning.
  4. Kywildwolf76

    Thanks for the donations!!

    Myself and Mrs. Wolf made a small donation this morning. Wishing we could do more but with Christmas and us being at Disney next week we are super tight right now. but as members we love this site and everyone on it and felt we wanted to do something to help keep it going even if it was only a little. thanks for running this site that we can all enjoy it and enjoy each other and our love of Disney!
  5. Kywildwolf76

    favorite pics

    favorite pics of my gorgeous wife and kids and i.
  6. I feel like the others NH, no pain no gain. Heck what you have done has set in motion quite possibly what is needed, some clarification on how to handle this PROPERLY, and not rudely like the hotel management staff has done. this isn't going scare me away from streaming when we go next year. I want the chance to share some of our trip magic with you all and return the favor you all have bestowed upon my family and myself with the gift of all things disney!
  7. Kywildwolf76

    November 26th 2016

    I realize of course its a fair ways off. but if anyone is going to be there from November 26th to December 3rd of 2016 my wife and I will be there with the kids for the MVMCP!
  8. Kywildwolf76

    **NEW...Disney Savings Account**

    I have the Disney visa rewards card I use it for EVERYTHING. at the end of the month I pay the bill off in cash at the bank. we have saved up quite a nest egg of free money from our Disney dream dollars rewards this way.
  9. I was talking to my wife about NH's issue yesterday she was appaled how how NH was treated as well. Since we intend to stream when we are there next year, we are hoping there are some clear guidelines that get passed on to Art of Animation resort too.
  10. Kywildwolf76

    EoE Trip Calendar

    lol how far out can you go though? out trip is in... 611 days. lol !
  11. lol ive broken at LEAST 5 of these rules rofl !
  12. Kywildwolf76

    MGM ~ A park by any other name...

    I think since HS looks so much like California adventure , it should be call Disney's Florida Adventure !
  13. Kywildwolf76

    bypassing the check-in desk

    when my wife and I went on our honeymoon we got afree upgrade to preferred rooms at POP
  14. Kywildwolf76

    Jungle Cruise Themed Restaurant Opening at MK

    omg! now im very excited! hehe! 612 days to go =(
  15. Kywildwolf76

    Thanks for the donations!!

    I have to say thanks as well. ever since discovering this site and the live stream cams it has all added a certain brightness back to my life that has been missing. thanks guys and god bless! *hugs*