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  1. Tripod

    Wife and I have done parks and DS ( DTD ) 2 With full size Bogan tripods many trips.
  2. Rio?

    Thx Fiz. Caught it on the ustream app.
  3. Rio?

    So who is streaming from Rio on EoE 3 ?
  4. 14 days and counting

    Well it's that time again. We're off to Vegas in 14 days We'll be streaming once again if anyone wishes to look in. Will be there from Feb 11th through the 16th. Staying at Luxor again in a spa suite this time. If anyone wants to follow, you can track our activities on Facebook ( https://www.facebook...chael.Stepelton ) I have made my timeline public for the trip so there is no need to send a friend request to follow. Or follow the live streams only here.... http://mikestepelton.altervista.org/ UPDATE: Have added a link to my Facebook page on the live feeds page above. It opens in new tab/page.