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  1. I saw this coming a while ago. About the only solution would be to setup a EOE streaming server. Free software is available but someone would have to run the server. They would also need ample bandwidth. 75 Mbps or so. Check out red5.org
  2. VegasMike


    Wife and I have done parks and DS ( DTD ) 2 With full size Bogan tripods many trips.
  3. VegasMike


    Thx Fiz. Caught it on the ustream app.
  4. VegasMike


    So who is streaming from Rio on EoE 3 ?
  5. VegasMike

    Is Disboards dieing

    Is it just me or does it seem that new post to Disboards have come to a crawl ( LOL ). I'm there evey morning to monitor the Vegas forum and I check about 3 others and it seems the Vegas forum is taking more new posts than the Rumours board and the DVC boards. Could this be the end of Disboards??? Have they cut thier own throats once and for all.???
  6. VegasMike

    Here we go again

    First it was drinking glasses with dirty bathroom towels, now.... http://www.wftv.com/news/local/vide...ort-using-dirty-mop-to-clean-tables/145606821
  7. VegasMike

    Disney considering adding a $15 per night resort fee?

    Resort fees are quite standard at many destinations. I would fully expect this to be both implemented and to go up with time.
  8. VegasMike

    Google Street view

  9. VegasMike

    14 days and counting

    Ok we're back 8-( Posted all the video from ustream and our phones to YouTube. Playlist is Vegas 2016. Added wife's photos. Both photo sets are under albums named "Vegas 2016" http://mikestepelton.altervista.org
  10. VegasMike

    Know another Disney Fanatic?

    Sorry Noose. Wasn't aware that had changed. I've been auto logged in for years now so I never noticed.
  11. VegasMike

    14 days and counting

    My streams page may be acting funky. You can view our streams by searching ustream for mstepelton https://m.ustream.tv/search/?q=mstepelton
  12. VegasMike

    Know another Disney Fanatic?

    Stop making people register before they can see the streams. Not everyone wants to risk possible spam without a idea of what's going on. The live streams and chat are what Make this site.
  13. VegasMike

    14 days and counting

    Room view is up and running. Window gets morning sun so it's a little glary. Plan for tonight is to go to the Rio for Pen and Teller and do some streaming from there.
  14. VegasMike

    14 days and counting

    Well it's trip day ! Our flight leaves at 1:20pm CST. Seems our flight will have free wifi so we'll see if we can pull off some midair streaming. Should be checked into our room by 4:30pm Vegas time.
  15. VegasMike

    Good HD Webcam with Night Vision

    Thx NE ! I'll be giving it a try. UPDATE: Thx again NE, Works great in FF