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  1. Merry Christmas eveyone. I hope everyone had a good day yesterday.
  2. We used it at OKW, GF & AKL last month and it was fine. We did have problems connecting at GF but one phone call sorted it out and after that no issues at all.
  3. Well we have our upgrade, we decided to go for a 1 bedroom villa at OKW and it had been confirmed. I must admit to mixed feelings as we did love FQ but it will be nice hopefully at OKW.
  4. Decision made we have requested a 1 bedroomed villa in OKW or if not Saratoga. We don't want a studio so if if can't get the villa then we will keep our booking at FQ which I don't mind as it is a lovely resort.
  5. Thanks Waiting for DH to come home this evening and he will have a look but we are definately considering the 1 bedroomed villa, not too bothered about the studio. Just trying to find some info on Saratoga Springs as I think that looks a good option being so close to DTD. wdwnut I had a letter and an email today offering us the free upgrade.
  6. ...we have been offered a free upgrade to either OKW or Saratoga Springs in either a studio or 1 bedroomed villa and now I don't know what to do. Can anyone give me the downside of staying at either of these resorts. We are booked into POFQ and I must admit we do like this resort but now I can't decide.
  7. Thanks We have now booked POFQ and that was one of the things we were thinking, also we thought it could get a bit overwhelming if there were a lot of conferences on and there with crowds of people around especially when it came to eating.
  8. I wish we were able to see this I have seen it a couple of times at the P&P party and it is well worth seeing, probably one of the best firework shows.
  9. I have voted although it was difficult to choose one they all look so inviting.
  10. I am hoping it will still be on when we go the beginning of September but I have a feeling it will have finished.
  11. Thanks for your replies, I think we will be going back to POFQ unless DH change his mind again.
  12. We have booked our flights for September but can't decide on whether to go back to POFQ or try Coronado Springs. We loved the FQ but cannot decide whether to try CS but I am concerned about how the conference centre would impact our stay and also as it is so large we may have a really long walk to the food court. Any opinion would be gratefully received.
  13. Really enjoyed reading your TR & your photos it sounds like you all had a great time apart from the flight home.
  14. Great photos, I have lots of resort photos I will have to post some.
  15. cazzie

    Port Orleans

    I love looking on that site, we have booked FQ for September and are really looking forward to it after staying at all the values. We were worried about the food court not having much choice which is why we changed our booking last year but after looking at the resort last December we found it's not to far to walk to Riverside.
  16. We have this for September and I think it will suit us. We did the dining plan in 07 and it drove me nuts, I couldn't get any evening reservations as I left it to late so the only reservations were for lunch time and we both felt like it took over our holiday.
  17. I hope they bring him back it explains why I didn't see him in December. I have him on video and he always makes me laugh when I watch it.