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  1. Hi Fizbain, If I purchase 2 women’s tops from the EOE store, does that help EOE out as well? Or not? Thank you EOE for everything you all do. Even if I myself can’t do any streaming as well as everyone else does.
  2. Cynthia and I will be at Disney Springs on January the 2nd and are thinking about going to STK after our movie. Just for drinks though and some desserts. Hoping we can get Fork & Screen for "Rogue One". That will be dinner then STK.
  3. I assume there's a charge for the activities members of EOE's want to participate in. Like someone plans all of this and we pay a fee to participate. I'm curious as to how this works.
  4. You all have fun for me if I can't make it. Wish I could come though.
  5. Sounds good but I don't do hot dogs. I'm a vegetarian. I do love grand marnier though and margaritas.
  6. I don't think I'll be able to come in September. My mom says she's not going in September anymore. It's too hot for her these days.
  7. Do you have to be invited to a meet and greet? How can I find out about future events?
  8. I'll be at animal kingdom on Monday. I'll stream when I can. Also going ice skating on Sunday at RDV ice den. I'll try to stream If I can.
  9. I'll watch if I can. Thank you though.
  10. No thank you. That has to be the worst name for a show that Disney has ever come up with. It has me wanting to say well never mind I can't. I miss the Osbourne lights already.
  11. Alright I decided to stay. We have BLT January 2nd - 4th.
  12. Hi EOE I am sorry but I think it's time to say goodbye. I'm upset over something I posted in the DVC forum tilted BLT. I feel like I've made some people upset. And now I don't feel welcomed here anymore. I would like to think that's not the case but I do.