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  1. Ran across this article that warns of the potential for bogus free-WiFi at Disney Parks and other tourist locations: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/hackers-target-tourists-with-free-wi-fi-in-popular-spots/ar-AAesDlN
  2. I’ve read the articles, and given that I have gone to Disney parks fairly regularly since 1978, I can understand where they’re coming from; I’ve seen the experience degrade over the years. From a guests point of view the greatest negative, besides the astronomically rising expense - well in excess of the cost-of-living, has been the DVC. The DVC is Disney’s concerted effort to stuff more warm-bodies into the parks at all costs, sacrificing the guest experience for all; general and DVC'er alike. However, from a business perspective, the DVC has been a spectacular success. The lure of the DVC being a potential 60% room-rate saving over the rack-rate: See sample calculation http://www.tikimanpa...an-dvc-for-sale. The hook in the lure is that once you pay your $35,000 up front, you virtually become indentured to Disney, motivated to return year after year to amortize your 35K investment. Keeping in mind that the DVC only discounts accommodations; you still pay for the ever increasing cost of admission, food and various other extras. With the DVC increasing the park crowds, even Fast-Pass lines are 45-60mins (assuming you’re lucky enough to get a FP). You generally end-up settling for the least popular attractions, or wandering from shop to shop convincing yourself you're having a great vacation just because you're having a Disney experience; no matter how degraded. While my views are probably not going to be received well by some, they are my observations and based on personal experience.
  3. There has been some interest expressed in mapping WiFi hotspots in the various Disney Parks. For those interested, there is a tool available called inSSIDer at www.inssider.com. created by Metageek. This app will display information regarding all WiFi in a given area, including signal-strength. I've used the Windows version with great success; there are versions for Android and iOS. The only downside is that it used to be FREE. Metageek also appears to have another version called inssider Office: http://www.metageek....port/downloads/, never used it; it's also stated as "Free Trial". Happy Hotspotting Disclaimer: I have no connection with Metageek, or inSSIDer other than as a user.