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  1. I'm in AKL from the 7th, anyone fancy talking me through how to stream it to here? I know there's been changes, not sure what they are.
  2. Flight is scheduled for 11.25am Sept 5th
  3. We'll be at the Boardwalk then so Epcot might make a good meeting place?
  4. 22nd August to the 5th September. Anyone else there same time?
  5. How cool are these? http://www.nzmint.com/coins/shop-online/disney-season’s-greetings-12-oz-silver-coin?nocache=1
  6. Just one... Being Tinker Bell flying from the Magic Kingdom castle at the start of Wishes.
  7. I have the ustream iPhone app, what's the login details for mobile streaming?
  8. Try to get a high room, otherwise it's more of a car park view.
  9. Yep, apparently you can't buy tickets from the UK, Huh?! Anyway called them and reserved tickets
  10. Andre Willey posted this on another forum and I'm getting the same problem, can someone try a dummy booking please? I'm having trouble booking via the AMC website for the screening of the new Doctor Who episode on 25 August. I can select the number of tickets I want but when I then click to continue to the payment page, I see an error message: "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator. Your support ID is: 12637662044079743247". I get this (or similar) messages if I try with several different browsers (IE, Chrome, etc). Is anyone aware of any issues with their system? (Of course it might not be accepting connections from the UK, although why would it let me get that far into the booking first?)