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  1. I was wondering how long it would take Southwest to screw up Airtran. Allentown, Pa. (the airport we use) is being dropped along with a few others. http://www.review.net/print/1-20-2012-airtran-to-abandon-srq-in-2012/
  2. They have the rear courtyard between the store and food court all closed off, and yes I did get a few photos for you including two that I reached over the wall for. Let me know where to send them. They also have building 6 closed off foe exterior re-paint, got shots of that too.
  3. I check out tomorrow (Wednesday) Andre, so the feed will come down sometime in the morning.
  4. I'm thinking about modifying an old resort mug and hiding a camera in it. lol
  5. I happened to be in the room and heard them complaining to each other outside, one of them said they should go to the front desk. I pulled the cam down before I was told to to avoid a confrontation with management.
  6. Sorry folks, New group moved in next door and were complaining about the camera so I took it down. Didn't want any trouble.
  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great day!
  8. Thanks gang....For my birthday I got a jury duty summons, darn it. lol
  9. Thanks again. We are doing in room dinning tonight. Ooops i forgot to log mmexpress out. haha
  10. After some hard thinking we have decided to sell our 100 points at OKW We just won't be able to go every year any longer. If anyone is looking for a small contract it's listed with Kinn at resalesdvc
  11. Welcome Jason, Always book early, discounts can be applied later if you see one come out, keep an eye on mousesavers for discounts. Also be sure to check out Andre's site, http://www.portorleans.org oops, didn't realize this thread was 2 months old.
  12. Fiz, You get an A+ and two gold stars for your post!
  13. Happy Birthday. Have a great day!!
  14. I'm a little late too, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  15. Happy Birthday Noose, hope the day was good.