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  1. EOE SSS 2018 Planning

    Alicesadventures & Ham will be coming this year on the the 7th, 8th and the morning of the 9th. Please add us to the Cape May Buffet(sept 7), Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review(sept 8) and Trails End Breakfast (sept 9) reservations. If the Hay ride @ FW is a go please include us for that too. Thanks Fiz.
  2. Epcot for the Candlelight Processional. The gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian and the gingerbread carousel at the Beach Club. Don't forget the hidden Mickey's.

    Happy Belated Birthday Fiz! Hope you had a good one
  4. Happy Birthday to Old Harmony

    Happy Birthday OH! Hope you and NH have a fantastic vacation in Hawaii.
  5. I just came across this on the Disney site... June 21, 2017 On June 22, 2017, we will be unable to make new Resort hotel reservations or book dining reservations both online and over the phone. However, you will still be able to purchase theme park tickets and make FastPass+ selections. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve your future Guest experience. We apologize for any inconvenience. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/
  6. Happy Birthday Twoboysdisneymom

    Happy Birthday!! Twoboysdisneymom Hope you have a fantastic day!!
  7. What is your go to counter service ?

    MK - Columbia Harbor House, Sleepy Hollow EP - Sommerfest, Yorkshire County Fish Shop, Boulangerie Patissier HS(MGM) - Pizza Planet (haven't had PizzeRizzo yet) AK - Pizzafari, Restaurantosaurus DS(DTD) - Earl of Sandwich
  8. WDW Ride ranking

    1 - BTMRR 2 - Haunted Mansion 3 - Soarin' 4 - POTC 5 - Star Tours 6 - Toy Story Mania 7 - Buzz Lightyear 8 - Spaceship Earth 9 - Kilimanjaro Safaris 10 - TTA Peoplemover Close runner-ups: CoP, Mission Space, Living with the Land and Magic Carpets.
  9. Answer a question ask a question !

    Is it the Yacht Club? Question: Who is the Red-billed Hornbill from the Lion King?
  10. Answer a question ask a question !

    Answer: Voyage of the Little Mermaid Question: What takes you to Rafiki's Planet Watch?
  11. Answer a question ask a question !

    Question: Aunt Polly enjoys her ice cream here.
  12. Answer a question ask a question !

    This one really has me stumped and I can see no one else wants to give it a try so I 'll have a go at it... Since it is an "S" word, logically it would be the Studios and the where is probably the Streets of America near the Yous Guys merchandising from Brooklyn. So how did I do?
  13. Answer a question ask a question !

    Answer: Quality Inn Hotels ( How about this for a Q - She's a foul-tempered monarch--"Off with their heads!" -that likes to play croquet with flamingo mallets? Answer: Queen of Hearts) Couldn't pass that one up since my name happens to be Alice Question: (2 part question... let's test how much you know about the Port Orleans resorts) Which Port Orleans resort has live entertainment at it's "R" named Lounge?
  14. Answer a question ask a question !

    I don't think tink saw this, so I'll post a P question for her... Question: What is the name of Disney's resort that was previously known as "Dixie Landings"?
  15. Answer a question ask a question !

    Answer: Could it be Mickey' Toontown? ( Actually it 's Liberty Belle Riverboat but that's close enough ) Question: What Animal Kingdom is. klick4nick what's a a quick fire round?