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  1. Two ways, one is to go to the Live Dashboard for the channel and set it there: https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard Or in the StreamLabs app: 6) Set a title and stream description. After streaming starts, select the 3-dot menu (upper right). Start a stream. Upper right of the screen, three dots (on android). On the Bottom, "Edit Stream info". There is Title and Description there and a selection of who can watch.
  2. I thought I'd toss out a few notes about using the Streamlabs App on my recent trip. I did only a resort stream, no park streaming. Unfortunately, after a day or so, I switched to the CamOn Live app. Streamlabs did preform well overall after tuning back some settings. I settled on 720p, 24fps, 2500kbps bit rate. Max fps it could sustain was around 14 much of the time. I would chalk this up to WiFi congestion at the resort and it did seem to get better as folks came and went. During the day, for example, when more folks were at the parks, it seemed to do better. This a from a very passive observation! I switch to the CamOn app due to Streamlabs having issues focusing (through a window, especially at night) and showing a frequent and regular fuzziness. I might attribute this to the phone I was using, a Motorola Droid Turbo. Motorola phones have, occasionally, had issues with apps and how their cameras operate. I think this may be the issue with Streamlabs. The phone is also an older one now which may also contribute. I have an even older Motorola that Streamlabs immediately crashes on. Newer phones with newer OS levels may fair better I suppose.
  3. Trip experience with this cam was good! Actually, better behaved that my phone which I used. I has a wide view and looked pretty good! (Used the first night from Bay Lake.)
  4. As I understand it, the persistent option is the main option for a channel. If it is not selectable I not sure how to reset it.
  5. Added the above suggestions for Streamlabs video quality settings to the PDF setup doc. May help avoid buffering and dropped sessions. Streamlabs Setup - Android
  6. Added suggestions for Streamlabs video quality settings. May help avoid buffering and dropped sessions.
  7. Nice! A very helpful chart! I have tended to the 720p at 1500 Mbps for resort streams. For me that has tended to be more reliable. Beyond that and the connection may last for a time but drops off. I also shoot for 24 fps but often get around 15fps.
  8. Saw NH having issues sending a live stream. Some general ideas to help combat the low bandwidth messages in SL, or any other app. Under Settings/Broadcast: reduce video resolution. I think SL starts at 1080. 720 is half that but half the data. Lower still could help but the video quality will suffer the lower you go. Frame Rate: 30 or 24 fps. 15 is usable...mostly. Max video bit rate: SL Starts at 3500 I think. 2500 might help. Lower might help more at the cost of quality. The more people around the less data per person will be available. SL seems to be less forgiving. My guess is that the YouTube app and Facebook adjust themselves on the fly while SL doesn't seem to do that. There is an Audio setting. Reducing this could help but has less of an impact. A sample rate of 22050 is half the default. Turning off Record stereo might help. There is also a "Mixer ingest" option. It lists places, I think, the video is going to be sent on to. A closer location might help. In WDW, maybe Dallas or Washington DC could help.
  9. New update. Added a note on adding the viewer count widget. Step 9.
  10. On the down side, the camera has not microphone so, no sound. Not enough room in the case to fit one either! But it does seem to do a reasonable job streaming. I even ran it off a USB battery pack over night and still had capacity to go all day. Makes it very portable.
  11. Good to hear. It seems that all PDFs are not created equally!
  12. Apps need to be granted permissions these days to do the stuff they do. I know Android has tightened up the permissions on apps so that if an app needs to do something it must ask to be allowed to. Streamlabs will need access to store video and access, for example, phone/tablet storage, network or location perhaps so, it must ask for access. Without the access you will probably find that the app (this one and any other) won't do too much. Other apps, including YouTube, will require the same...not all are so up front about it.
  13. It's a link to a PDF so you will need a PDF reader. If not that then I'd be curious what message you receive. --- I regenerated the PDF in another way and re-uploaded, maybe that will help.
  14. To clarify, as far as I know, and unless YT has changed again, the YT desktop interface should still work for streaming. Mobile is subject to the view limit. So, I guess, a PC/Laptop would not be considered a mobile device but a phone or tablet would be. Streamlabs on the desktop shouldn't be required but it might add some nice options. If you're into options (the EoE logo on the vid is nice)!
  15. Looks like I forgot the IRL thing in my notes. I'll add that to the doc! And RE: copyright; YouTube is pretty picky about that! It usually doesn't like music I pick for vids!
  16. The native YouTube interface is more straight forward. The Streamlabs stuff (there are other third party packages too) add some features and what not at the expense of being a bit more difficult to use perhaps. I thought I saw that streaming using the desktop, YouTube page was not affected by the viewer limit. Haven't uses that myself though.
  17. I use android. No idea if IOS has any similarities.
  18. Here's a shot at one: Streamlabs Setup - Android It is for Android. I imagine IOS might be similar?
  19. I think the only trick might be connecting to the EoE channel and back to your own. Once logged in to one, to get to the other, use the log out of Streamlabs option at the bottom of Settings then log back in. The EoE image in the corner that Mrhub has is a nice touch if you can swing it. I got it by clicking the EoE Icon on the top of the EoE Web page, saved it on my phone (press and hold on an android phone). Then, in Streamlabs, use the Editor option, then the arrow looking thing in the upper right. Hit the plus sign and Add Image. Pick the EoE image and size it and position it as you like. I also didn't like the chat showing in the video but, whatever works for you. In the editor option again, it can be turned off but selecting the Chatbox widget, the the 3 dots menu, click "showing on stream" to make it "Hidded on stream".
  20. Ok, I did find it in the App! Start a stream. Upper right of the screen, three dots (on android, dunno about Apples). On the Bottom, "Edit Stream info". There is Title and Description there and a selection of who can watch.
  21. A quick note: In one of his test vids, Mrhub noted that the title on the stream is set...somewhere. The Streamlabs app doesn't seem to be able to manipulate it that I have found but, it can be changed! https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard is the link to the dashboard for your selected account. It's under "Basic Info" under the stream view on that page. Select that account to work with under the account icon in the upper right. By the way, this is also where the stream link and key come from for other third party apps that don't link directly to an account channel. That is down at the bottom under "Encoder setup".
  22. Looks good! I'll have to give it a proper shake down before my upcoming trip as I have used CamOn previously. Couple things I'm not sure of so far: How to select an EoE Channel rather than a personal channel. I imagine this will be pretty straight forward but my require defining an RTMP server. On an old phone, auto focus would seek all the time. Especially when shooting though glass. Easy enough to turn off. I also like to mount the phone outside...hope it doesn't rain! I'm curious if you noted any issues with focus? May have just been my old phone. Re: The logo, good idea! I think one with a transparent background would be nice (I pulled on off the page banner).
  23. A test stream from the Pi Cam.