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  1. My honey bunny is eyeing fast passes today! Disney days are coming!
  2. dbeedle

    Fort Wilderness rates

    I did see an announcement that Disney would be cracking down on that practice. If a room is canceled the corresponding FPs are supposed to be canceled as well. That link was missing in the past In think.
  3. dbeedle

    My first two streams with Eyes On Ears

    Ditto on the bandwidth and stability. And welcome aboard JohnDisney! As a caveat, I haven't done a lot of streaming from Disney but I have experimented a fair bit at home... I'd add to that, the abilities of the camera and the device it may be attached to. They need to be able to reliably generate the data. I've done some experimenting with a few devices, an old android phone (low end as cameras go these days), a newer android phone, a GoPro 7 (more advanced) and a cheap web cam on a Raspberry Pi. All of them can establish a stream with varying levels of success. I would argue, however, the camera is not the deciding factor. In my case, the most successful device has been the low end android phone! The Raspberry Pi was able to sustain a reliable stream...but at 7 frames per second. It and that camera are not the best combination. It doesn't matter how snazzy the camera is, though, if you don't have the bandwidth to push the data. So, a thought on improving through put...kinda out of our control. Wifi and cellular data signal strength and congestion at that location probably has a bigger impact on the ability to send a stream than anything else. These things we can't change. Well, we may be able to do something in our own homes but while out and about we probably can't do much. Other than... Minimize how much data you need to push. My basis: I'm thinking a reliable stream is better than a choppy one at higher resolution. We all would like a 1080 HD stream. Looks good, impresses the viewers. But, unless you have a really strong signal with an un-congested network it probably can't be sustained. At least, in my experience. I've had more success sustaining a stream by going with a lower resolution and a lower frame rate. 720p or 480p at 24 fps (if you can get it) has been the most successful for me. Not cutting edge by any means but the lower end settings are far less demanding in terms of bandwidth and processing. Again, this is all just my experience trying to do a resort stream or a "home" stream in my experimentation. Your mileage may vary. I think, though, most folks will think that bigger is better and go for a higher resolution and higher frame rate not considering cutting that back a bit. Now if you do have a strong signal and open network...the HD does look durn good! I haven't done a "parks" stream. Mostly because I don't have an unlimited cellular plan but, I would imagine, the bandwidth availability is even more problematic while in the parks. WiFi in the parks typically seems to not be up to the task and the sheer concentration of people all hitting the same data "pipe" while in the parks tends to lead to low bandwidth availability and fluctuating signal strength. Even if not streaming this is noticeable. So, again, pushing less data may help to maintain a stream at a reasonable rate. Just some random musings as I'm at work on a Friday! I suppose I should go be productive now. Bummer.
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    Stream testing...

    As an experiment I have hooked a Raspberry Pi to a web cam and figured out some commands that will stream to YouTube. If you have nothing better to do, maybe folks can take a look just to see what it looks like. Let me know if it works for you! Nothing exciting to look at, just our front yard! Not certain of the quality, the web cam is not top of the line by any stretch and a Pi hasn't got the most horsepower...but both were cheap! I do have some tunes though! Music provided by http://www.subsonicradio.com/ (their background music stream). Live if the live stream keeps up! The stream is unlisted but you should be able to get to it at ...stream link removed. Still working on it. Pardon the dust!
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    Stream testing...

    Still fiddling with it! Had initial promising results which I haven't been able to get consistently. The C310 (Logitech) webcam I'm using may be the real issue. The Pi doesn't have the horsepower to transcode the video in a reasonable time and send it so a cam that outputs an already encoded stream would allow the Pi act as a pass though, which it can do. Video plus sound is even more of a challenge for it. While the 310 has a compressed format, I don't know it's one YouTube likes! Fun to hack at though!
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    Stream testing...

    Kinda hit or miss so far. Especially while pulling music from an online stream and incorporating it into the outgoing vid. That causes extra overhead on the network and on the processing end. A nice idea but the incoming stream sometimes drops and ffmpeg (the app used to create the stream, is not very forgiving of this! In addition, the stream sometimes includes copyright audio...which make YouTube a little cranky.
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    Coast to Coast 2018!

    Had this crazy idea to do a Disney Coast to Coast trip for the Christmas season this year. We were able book our Florida portion (Saratoga Springs) but had to waitlist for California (Grand Californian). We didn't have much hope to get the California portion but, we received some good news this weekend...we're going to California! By way of Florida! We get to go see the Christmas decor in each park! Dec 3-10, Saratoga Springs Dec 10-14, Grand Californian And now it's time to plan those plane tickets, ADRs and Fast passes! We'll be burning though those DVC points again!
  8. dbeedle

    Coast to Coast 2018!

    That reminds me...I need to get to work! I have yet to make albums and vids!
  9. dbeedle

    Coast to Coast 2018!

    I don't think you would be disappointed! DL does a good job of keeping you immersed in the magic. At least, while staying in the Disney hotels which are all on the west side of the parks. So, the rest of the world tends to be out of site. I would think, staying at a third party hotel would expose you to "the rest of the world". Those look to be on all other sides of the park and it is tourist central out there! As for the parks, I have found I really enjoy DL and CA. It is much smaller...maybe, more cozy? I don't think a Disney veteran would need a week (and more) out there like WDW, three full days seems to be a sweet spot for us. We have done a week at DL but we did have a couple days when we went and did other stuff (Safari Park, Queen Mary, Science Museum).
  10. dbeedle

    January 2019 mini meet?

    My wife and I just visited DL for Christmas this year (early December anyway)! I thought DL got into the Christmas spirit even better than WDW! I'm sure it will be a great trip!
  11. Kicking around the idea of trying to do some streaming during a December trip and have a couple Qs... I have a spare/old cell phone that I have thought of using, for, say, a resort stream. Is this workable? I have experimenting a bit with streaming though my own YouTube channel and it seems to do the job. I may also, possibly, have a new GoPro by that time. The new one offers live streaming over wifi. I understand it's limited to a 720p resolution though. Are folks doing 1080 or 720? Or both/either as conditions allow? Second, has the WiFi at the resorts and around the parks been adequate for streaming? We don't have a ton of mobile data so, curiious if this is usable at the resorts and at the parks. Finally, does anyone have experience streaming at the DL Resort area? Our December trip starts in Orlando then Anaheim before coming home!
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    Beginner streaming Qs...

  13. dbeedle

    Beginner streaming Qs...

    Notes from the first streaming excursion...applies to resort streaming... 1) Be sure to find a charger that provides enough amps to keep up with the power demands while streaming. In my case, there was a enough juice to keep the phone going with the screen off. Not with the screen on. In addition, learn how the phone reacts when it hits %100 charged. My older phone stops charging at that point. Sometimes it would maintain %100 charge, sometimes not. 2) Find software that will allow steaming with the screen off (see above). I used CamON Live Streaming (on Android). My old phone is too old for the built-in YouTube streaming. As such, I'm not sure how that behaves with the screen off. 3) A suction cup mount with a holder for the phone works great! I used one that goes with a GoPro. Stick it on the window and you have an instant, stable mount. I had packed some clamps, bungees and a long selfie stick to act as a mono-pod for this too. Not needed! 4) A thin power cord can be forced though the sliding doors to the balcony. Plan on trashing that cord if you want to mount outside and still close the door (it gets squished!). I learned this was do-able at our second location. First location the phone/cam was mounted inside. 5) If mounted inside, muting the microphone may be desirable. I didn't think the world really wanted the hear our moans and groans when we finally sat down after hours in the parks! 6) Mount the cam high so the eaves of the roof or the floor above will block the sun shining directly into the lens. I learned this one on our last day! Sorry I didn't realize it earlier! Any other tips to pass on? I'd be interested in how other folks handle streaming while at Disney!
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    Beginner streaming Qs...

    Doh...double post. Deleted.
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    Chatted with a friend recently about Disney stock prices, they were down a little at the time. We kinda wondered if Disney is finally hitting plateau. Maybe the fees, in addition to making DIS more money, are being used to attempt to control attendance. I can't help but notice that, even though the prices keep going up, they still have large crowds all the time. Folks are still willing to pay the high price. Is it still worth it? Disney still does a good job, I think, at delivering a quality product but each price hike, in theory, should, deter some portion of folks who no longer see it as "worth it". Economics price versus demand kind of thing. But, large crowds make folks unhappy, I should think, and detracts from the "magic" so it makes some sense, to me anyway, that Disney would want to keep things more under control. Of course, that's me thinking Disney really does want to deliver a quality product and not just gouge folks. Regarding parking fees, I think, maybe, with the large crowds, this could be an effort to push folks towards shared transportation. This could, not only ease traffic and parking demands but also foster a captive audience. Once folks are on Disney property using Disney transportation, I would think, they would be less likely to leave. Just some odd ideas I have kicking around my head!
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    Artist Point @ WL transition

    I'll be interested to see what folks think of the change as well. This has been one of our favorite places to go. I don't have high hopes for the change and expect not to return.
  17. dbeedle

    Making FP question

    Yup. When making a FP it allows you to create, what it calls, a "Fast Pass Party". You can select folks in your list of friends and family and make a FP for all of them.
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    Beginner streaming Qs...

    To continue my notes...adding an external web cam does not seem to improve things. At least with the phone I'm using quality, reliability and power are problematic at best for a long term, resort type, stream. In my case, the phone is an older one. Newer ones my have more horsepower for this sort of thing. Power is difficult, especially with an external cam as most have only one port. I have a phone with Qi/wireless charging so that allowed charging and recording at the same time but, charging, again, doesn't keep up with the power draw over a longer period.
  19. dbeedle

    Making FP question

    You should be able to add your friend to your (or her, or both) Family and Friends in the app or web site. Once you all have each other in the friends and family list you are able to pick folks in your list to make plans with including Fast Passes. In the app the option is listed under you profile. It's under the main pull down on the web.
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    Beginner streaming Qs...

    After some experimentation I have found that using my old cell phone for long term streaming is not too workable. As it turns out the quality and reliability is not very good at all. In addition, the phone with the cam running all the time uses battery faster than it charges. I'll do some experimenting with a web cam. I ordered a Logitech C310, a pretty inexpensive cam that I can use for other purposes too. I'll see if I can feed that through a phone or tablet to YouTube. I don't intend to travel with a lap top I'm afraid but that would make things easier!
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    Under the Sea in a Clammobile

    A few scenes from Arial's Undersea Adventure.
  22. dbeedle

    Ridin' Pirates

    Finally getting around to going through some trip photos from Flower and Garden in May 2018. Discovered some vids which I pieced together.
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  24. Same question. It looks like folks use a phone for resort streams? I'm thinking of using an old phone and I think I could swing a resort stream. My wife is not so keen on the idea of live streaming in the parks and, we don't have a lot of data on our cell plan. The wifi in the parks can be problematic I've seen so, dunno if we could rely on that. I have done some experimentation on streaming through YouTube. Seems to work on my personal stream. While a phone may not be the highest of quality, it is pretty compact and convenient for travel.
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    Disneyland Paris

    Disneyland Paris - September 2015 - http://dbeedle.com/Photos/DL-Paris2015 DLP Sept 2017: http://dbeedle.com/Photos/ABD-Spain2017/Sept 17-20 Hasta Luego Amigos! and%2C A Stop at Disneyland! Paris that is!/index.html