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  1. dbeedle

    Disneyland Paris

    Disneyland Paris - September 2015 - http://dbeedle.com/Photos/DL-Paris2015 DLP Sept 2017: http://dbeedle.com/Photos/ABD-Spain2017/Sept 17-20 Hasta Luego Amigos! and%2C A Stop at Disneyland! Paris that is!/index.html
  2. dbeedle

    The Dragon

    The Dragon Awakes at Disneyland Paris!
  3. dbeedle

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    That's a fun one too! My wife and I had our after wedding lunch there believe it or not! They made us lead the stick horse race!
  4. dbeedle

    AT schedule Aug 11-19 POR

    Ooo! Where to in WL? My wife and I like Artist Point a lot. Pricey but yummy. Unfortunate we have not been able to get in there for our December trip. Yet. We'll make a run over there to enjoy the decorations anyway!
  5. dbeedle

    Splashing on Kali!

    You will get wet. You might get soaked! I usually do. Kalli River Rapids at Animal kingdom.
  6. dbeedle

    Whispering Canyon Cafe

    That is what I have seen. No more ketchup!
  7. dbeedle

    WL - Copper Creek Villas and Boulder Ridge Villas

    It's been a long time ago but if I recall correctly, I worked directly with the owner. I did this a couple times. It may be a bit safer working through a rental company but may cost a bit more, don't know for sure. Depends on your level of comfort and risk acceptance I suppose. Just taking a quick look on another board, it appears the going rate dealing with the a member directly is about $13-$15 per point. Many folks offer references and I've also seen renters offer up some sort of contract/official paperwork. At least many appear to take it seriously. Which makes sense as the points are use 'em or loose 'em. A member may as well get something out of them if they can't use them. On the other hand...looking at a rental site (that happens to share my name) they do show availability at WL early in December. Cost per point doesn't seem to be out of line. At least with a quick look. Haven't looked at the details, commission or what not.
  8. dbeedle

    WL - Copper Creek Villas and Boulder Ridge Villas

    I first rented DVC points before becoming a member! It worked quite well for me! If someone has booked and has it available for rent, you may be able to get in at WL. My wife and I have tried to book at WL for early Dec this year and have had no luck, at least for a studio or 1BR. At this point we'll be at Saratoga Springs. And, wihumphery is correct as is the map that was posted. The cabins look nice but, like those at the Poly, tend to be a little on the pricey side for us!
  9. dbeedle


  10. dbeedle

    Bay lake Tower opinions

    I've stayed in a studio at BLT a couple times. Once with a park-ish view (off to the side), once with a lake view. I liked both and enjoyed the location. On the park side you can watch the fireworks and festivities in the evening and the lake offers a nice peaceful view for morning coffee. If you are an MK kinda person this is probably the place to be! It's an easy walk to the park and you can take a ride on the monorail or boats if you prefer a more scenic route. Foodie wise, there are two restaurants that I enjoy right there (Cali Grill and The Wave). You're also on the monorail so the monorail resorts are easy access too (Ohana, Kona Cafe, Narcoossees, Citricoes and V&A). All that said, I think it is the most "hotel-ey" DVC location I've stayed at. The decor is very modern without, what I would call, much "Disney character". Feels like a hotel. A nice hotel but still, hotel. I don't mind it given the other pluses but, my wife has no desire to stay there as she prefers more of that Disney character.
  11. Used to be a Free Spirit but the crowds, and probably fast pass and the dining plans, have made that more and more difficult. You almost have to be at least part planner to do the things you want to these days. My wife is largely a planner. In the parks we're Helpers and have been mistaken for Cast Members a time or two!
  12. dbeedle

    I'm turning PURPLE

    We switched ours to Purple for our April trip too!. Another color to add to the collection and my wife's favorite color. Bonus!
  13. dbeedle

    Try This- Not That - Dining Opinions :)

    Saw the activity on this one...guess I can chime in! What's the one place you've eaten at that you'd never go back to and why? I've tried to come up with a place I would not go back to and haven't been able to come up with one. There are places we have tried and been disappointed with and will probably not go back but one that stands out as a never going back kinda place...can't come up with one. (Wait...just thought of one after saving! The Electric Umbrella in Epcot. Obnoxiously crowded for a bad burger and fries. Bleh. Oh! We don't like the Lunching Pad in MK much either. I don't like Sunny Eclipse at all. But he's not food. Whatever.) Places that we've had our disappointments in: Le Cellier. Folks may disagree but I'm afraid this one seems over rated. Good steak at The Yachtsman. Le Cellier, the soup and the bread were better. Long waits too. Seems to have become just OK after the meal plans came to be or maybe we've just visted ona bad night. Bistro de Paris/Monsuer Paul (upstairs at Chefs de France). Has been one of our favorite places but we feel it is now, just good after the redecorating and name switch. But, still good! Again, seems to have slacked off a bit after the meal plans came to be. I guess our least liked place may be Tokyo Dining/Tepan Edo. Ok food but noisy! What's the one place you've never eaten at that you are dying to try? Morimoto Asia and the Boathouse. Both coming up in our April trip! Where in the last 2-3 years have you had the best meal at? Yachtsman, Cali Grill and Artists Point. These have always been good for us. It would not take much to talk me into going to these!
  14. My wife and I were on the September of 2015 Adventures By Disney Central Europe tour. We stopped at Disneyland Paris on the way to Prague then Joined our group for the sights in Prague, Berchtesgaden and Vienna. I was finally able to get some pics online! There are a few videos as well (GoPro and point and shoot camera, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40). I elected to leave the DSLR at home this trip and will probably do so in the future. A few cell phone shots too! If you would like to take a look, they can be found at http://dbeedle.com/Photos/ABD-CE2015 . DLP Pics: http://dbeedle.com/Photos/DL-Paris2015