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  1. Fiz can you point me to The "rebroadcast" on C2 can't seem to find it thanks would like to take a look
  2. nice going to OKW next year looking forward to any live stream's from OKW thanks in advance
  3. thanks Fiz did not know about the resort tour, the quite pool's all get crowded every now and then but its a nice way to say hi to your neighbors.wihumphrey have been on the Allears web site good site,we dont fancy bean to close to Hospitality House think it will be a bit to hustle and bustle for us we dont mind walking thats way we like POR the grounds there are fantastic we are hoping OKW is the same thanks to all ps just looked at the streaming calendar OKW in september looks busy does this mean some of us will be streaming live from the resort
  4. School Belle thanks for getting back to me we know about the bathroom no big deal all adult's wife,daughter and my self we do want to be by the quite pool we normally stay at POR so hope OKW is as good
  5. coming to old key west September 2018 20 nights from uk first time at this resort looking at buildings 20,19,18 one bed villa any tips good or bad any good web sits for this resort thanks
  6. sorry its late but thanks for all the birthday wishes and just to late you all know coming back to Disney World in september 2018 20 nights at old key west first time there
  7. Fizbain Eyes On Ears is your happy place at this sad time stay strong
  8. Two of our Disney family gone but never forgotten R.I.P so sad
  9. Coming back to POR October 27 for two weeks i would like to use my iphone I am from the uk and on the 3 network what is the best network for date and calls when am out there thanks Dave