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  1. Happy Birthday Osh!!! Hope it is a magical one!!
  2. I would go with hot and humid with the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings .
  3. Happy Birthday Roz!! Hope it is a magical one!!
  4. Happy Birthday Grumpylover!!!! Hope it was a magical one!!
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  6. Happy Birthday tinkerbell!!!! Hope you are having a magical one!!!
  7. Happy to be able to help out a great site. Who's next?
  8. Happy Birthday Noose!! Hope it was a great one!!!
  9. A belated Happy Birthday to you Roz!!! Hope it was a magical one!!!!
  10. Very sorry to hear of your loss Andre. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
  11. Happy Birthday Vegas Mike!!!! Hope it is a magical one!!!
  12. Happy Birthday tyme4tea!!! Hope it is a magical one!!!
  13. While I agree that resort fees are quite standard, the issue I have here is that Disney is now considering tacking on a fee to extras they have been using for some time to entice people to stay on property. Magical express, extra magic hours, resort entertainment are all things Disney has used for years to get people to stay on property. Now they are looking at charging a fee in addition to charging over inflated rates at their resort. No thanks. This may cause us to look at staying elsewhere going forward or possibly just looking at spending our vacation dollars elsewhere. As much as Karen & I love Disney, it's getting very hard to swallow all the prices increases with all the cuts over the years.
  14. While I get that right now this is just a survey question that is being asked of some guests this is really starting to get ridiculous: http://www.wdwmagic.com/resorts/walt-disney-world-resorts-information/news/09mar2016-disney-considering-adding-a-nightly-resort-fee-to-its-resort-hotels.htm