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  1. No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    Todd was the second duty manager we dealt with who actually went through channels to try and get us an answer as to what Disney's policy on resort streaming actually is. He certainly appeared to do more for us then Pete, who just locked us out of our room with not so much as a phone call. I do have Todd's contact information so if it is needed let me know and I can DM it to you.
  2. What happened with our resort stream

    Thank you for the kind words Noose and no apologies necessary. At least we were still able to mobile stream. We are probably still going to fire off a letter to corporate and see where that gets us, if anywhere. At the very least a certain manager needs some retraining on customer service. We certainly were disappointed that the GM either was unable or would not deal with us directly. While we do appreciate the way that Todd worked with us on this issue, we still kind of have a sour taste over how this whole thing was handled.
  3. What happened with our resort stream

    As many of you already know, we had to pull down our resort stream only a few days into our recent trip. It was not our choice to do so but it appears Disney may have a new policy in regards to resort streaming. Here's what happened and how we got to where we are now. On Sunday December 10th Karen and I headed to Disney Springs for brunch and to do some shopping. When we returned to our room later that afternoon neither of our magic bands would open the door to our room. We quickly headed to the front desk to report our problem. After speaking with the gentlemen at the desk he told us that the duty manager needed to speak with us. We at that point figured it had to be the camera. After keeping us waiting for several minutes, which was making Karen a bit anxious, the duty manager, Pete came over and introduced himself. I introduced myself and Karen and he said to me "Oh yes, the news reporter." Karen and I then looked at each other and I asked how he knew that I worked in news. He said "Oh I googled you." Needless to say we were taken by surprise that he had done that as opposed to trying to call either one of us and let us know there was a problem but he claimed he had the phone in his hand to call us when he got the news we were at the desk. He then told us that the camera needed to come down as Disney no longer allowed resort streams. Mousekeeping spotted the camera and reported it to security. Obviously we were not going to argue and agreed. He walked us back to our room and let us in. We then took the cam down and less than five minutes later Karen noticed someone slowly drive by our room looking carefully at our window to make sure our cam was down. Needless to say Karen and I were a bit upset and did not sleep well that night. She was not happy about the fact that they just locked us out of the room without so much as a phone call. We decided to stop at the desk in the morning to try to speak with the general manager. We instead were handed off to a new duty manger named Todd. He took us into a quiet room where we explained everything that happened and how we were treated. He was surprised to hear we were locked out of the room without a phone call and about us being looked up on google. He was also aware that there were many of us that resort streamed and even mention Andre and his Port Orleans website. He was unsure of any new policy that prohibited a resort stream but made a few phone calls with us sitting there but could not get us an answer on the spot. He said he was going to look into the issue and get back to us. Several days later the response we got from Todd was that due to current events in the world Disney's new policy is that resort streaming is no longer allowed. He claimed that there is a general managers meeting coming up in January and that this would probably be brought up during the meeting. According to Todd this policy SHOULD be in place at all resorts but of course he could not confirm. He also stated that their "social media" department should take a look at this, as they know there are many of us that resort and mobile stream. So that's what happened with us. I told Todd that should we decide to return to Disney property I would reach out to him and see if that policy has changed and he welcomed me doing so. Until we hear otherwise we only plan to mobile stream going forward. If anyone plans on resort streaming and the camera is spotted hopefully they are treated better and not locked out of their room.
  4. No more Do Not Disturb Signs

    We were told by the duty manager that it was indeed housekeeping that found the cam and reported it.
  5. happy birthday

    Happy Belated Birthday Deano!! Hope it was a magical one!!!
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    Happy Belated Birthday Dazey!! Hope it was a magical one!!
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  10. Under the weather

    Hoping all goes well Noose!! Get better soon!!
  11. Under the weather

    Feel better soon Noose!!
  12. Happy Birthday Gareth!

    Happy Birthday Gareth!!! Hope it is a magical one!!!
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  14. Happy Birthday weatherwatcher514

    I would go with hot and humid with the chance for showers and thunderstorms in the afternoons and evenings .
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    Happy Birthday Roz!! Hope it is a magical one!!