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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Fiz!! Hope it was a magical one!!
  2. Happy Birthday Wihumphrey! Hope it was a magical one!
  3. Sadly for us the prices have now driven us off property. For our April trip I can rent a one bedroom suite at Wyndham Bonnet Creek for $1000 less than a room at POFQ. As much as I love staying on Disney property I just can't justify the extra thousand dollars plus parking to stay on property.
  4. Happy Birthday Fiz!! Hope it was a magical one!!
  5. Happy Belated Birthday Andre!! Hope it was a magical one!!
  6. Happy Birthday Ry! Hope it's been a magical one!
  7. Happy Birthday NewHarmony!! Hope it was a magical one!!
  8. Happy Birthday Nut!! Hope it is a magical one!!!
  9. Happy Birthday Mr. Hub!! Hope it is a magical one!!
  10. Happy Birthday Osh!!! Hope it was a magical one!!!!
  11. We started renting a car a few trips back because we were growing frustrated with Disney transportation. We then started using the car for trips off property as well. Karen and I have talked about this rather extensively and from our prospective Disney has reached our breaking point. Over the years we have felt we have been getting less and less for our vacation dollar while prices have continued to rise. We were always willing to put up with it though because we loved Disney that much. In my mind though this is nothing more than a pure money grab. I'm not going to give Disney what would equate to an additional $240 on average each trip to park a rental car on property when I already feel I am paying more than a premium to stay at their resorts. I even emailed George Kalogridis office to voice my displeasure. Actually got a phone call back that same afternoon from a very nice gentlemen who told me that Disney was just following the industry standard and that they have been charging for parking in both California and Hawaii for some time as well as the fact that many other hotels in the Orlando area also charge for parking. My response to that was when Walt built Disney World he was a trendsetter, not a follower and that Disney should consider remaining a trendsetter and not just follow the rest of the crowd. I also pointed out that these other hotels offer such "industry standards" as rewards programs, free breakfasts, and such. Of course I did not expect this to make any difference I just wanted my voice to be heard. Will we go back to Disney? Probably. We will go as often and stay on property, probably not. We have a on property trip booked for December and are seriously debating either moving off property or even cancelling altogether. I can stay in a much nicer hotel for less money and still get some of the same perks as staying on property. Sorry for the rant, just needed to vent a little.
  12. I have not heard anything back as of yet. I did send a letter a little over a week ago and am yet to hear back. When and if I do hear something I will be sure to post.