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  1. Yes I agree that is just as annoying if not more so.
  2. This sounds like a good idea to me too! I was getting the alerts on YouTube for a while, and then the became more sporadic and I would miss streams. Hope we can work out a solution and get more subscribers!
  3. Happy Birthday VegasMike and MikeA!
  4. A Spooktacular addition to the Haunted Mansion!
  5. These are some interesting new rules. I always traveled with a smoker. I was never bothered by the areas because they were areas off the beaten path and out of the way of the flow of foot traffic. I guess we will see how they enforce the no smoking policy, and the vaping. As that is not "smoke". I'm glad about the strollers. They clog up the sidewalks and I have almost gotten my feet run over by them. Some people are so obnoxious with them.
  6. ryknow

    Lime Dole Whip!

    That sounds yummy! Thank goodness I walk a lot while I am there to wear off all the food I eat!
  7. That's a shame they are ruining a great area of Fort Wilderness. Glad I got to see it last year when I was there.
  8. Thanks for keeping us updated! Have a great trip!
  9. Happy Birthday octoberbarry! Have a magical day!
  10. Great Adventure still has a Skyway and I do use it frequently, but once again I am going short distances and the gondolas are all open air. I still can't imagine these glass gondolas in the Florida heat. I don't think it was thought out too well.
  11. Lol, I’ve got 12 grand lying around for this tour for sure.
  12. That’s awesome. Who doesn’t love a Dole Whip!
  13. Hope you had a great birthday!
  14. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
  15. I don't agree with this. The photopass photographers are always so energetic, and really add to the magic of capturing the moment of your vacation. I do not agree with this idea at all. They should just stick to automatically capturing our pictures on attractions.
  16. ryknow


    Wow. Does anyone think they’ll eventually price some people out from coming with all these fees? I’ll still go of course.